Got big plans for a narrow lot? Easystart will make it easy

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Owning a small or narrow lot doesn’t mean giving up on your big dream of an amazing place to call home. It just means you have to think smart.

More and more first home builders on a budget are opting for a narrow lot, while enjoying slim home designs which maximise every inch of block space.

There are heaps of pros to building on a narrow lot;

  • Unique designs: homes designed for a narrow lot are more innovative and interesting.
  • More cash to spare: by buying a smaller lot, first home owners save money which they can put towards quality upgrades or a dream furniture package.
  • Less compromise on space: once you’re in your home, you’re likely to find it feels larger than expected. Just because your block is cramped, it doesn’t mean your house will be.
  • Being closer to the action: Many first home builders are choosing a narrow lot because it means you get all the advantages of living close to the action, at a fraction of the cost of a standard block.
  • Less Maintenance: If the living space in your home maximises space on your narrow lot, you’ll find there’s no need to spend thousands of money on lots of landscaping. Less garden = more time to do the things you want to do!

First home builders with big dreams for their narrow lot should start by visiting display homes to get an idea of the many exciting options for slimmer spaces. And you can’t go past one of Perth’s newest display homes, which is perfect for a narrow lot: The Oxford. With a minimum lot width of 7.5 metres, even the smallest of blocks can handle this spacious and elegant home.

The clever design features of The Oxford include;

  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Double garage at the rear
  • A total home area of 158.45m2, with a minimum lot width of 7.5m
  • A master suite with private bathroom at the front
  • Minor bedrooms surrounding the second bathroom, which is positioned at the rear of the home
  • A surprisingly spacious laundry alongside a walk-in linen closet, placed conveniently by an outside access door
  • Entertaining is easy with open-plan living area, opening to a large alfresco

Easystart Homes – helping thousands of first home builders into spacious homes on smaller lots.

Easystart Homes want to help you realise your home ownership dream, regardless of size constraints. Their expert team will show you how easy it is to make a big impact with a small space.

Easystart make it easy for first home owners . Ask them about their flexible narrow lot designs today!

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