First home ownership myths busted!

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Becoming a first home builder (Perth) can often mean you’re on the receiving end of some well-intentioned but not always accurate advice.

Friends, family and even strangers at the bus stop will be willing to lend their two cents, keen to tell you who is the best builder (Perth) and what you must always do / must never do on your journey towards first home ownership.

So how do you separate the fact from the fiction?

To help, here are some of the first home (Perth) myths you might just come across:

  • First home buyer myth #1: No first home builder (Perth) will talk to you unless you have approval for finance

While it’s true that it’s helpful to know what budget you have to work with upfront, it’s not true that you need to have finance approval before you can start planning your first home (Perth) with a first home builder. Our in-house Westgate Finance team provides specialist advice tailored to help you achieve first home ownership, from locking in a competitive loan for your first home (Perth) to accessing all available grants.

First home buyer myth: busted!

  • First home buyer myth #2: You can’t get finance for your first home (Perth) unless you have a 20% deposit saved up

Saving up a 20% deposit can take years, putting first home ownership well into the future. The good news is you don’t actually have to wait this long. As a dedicated first home builder (Perth), we make it far easier to get into your first home (Perth) with offers such as our ‘$0 and $0’ incentive. This special offer helps you achieve first home ownership with $0 savings and $0 payments until you move in!

First home buyer myth: busted!

  • First home buyer myth #3: Don’t expect much choice in where your first home (Perth) is built

It’s common to hear that first home builders can only afford to build on the outskirts of town, well away from public transport, shops and other amenities. Yet the best builders (Perth) are those that can guarantee both an awesome first home (Perth) and an equally good location. For example, our first home builder (Perth) team offer house and land packages in great areas right across Perth, giving you heaps of well-serviced suburbs to choose from!

First home buyer myth: busted!

  • First home buyer myth #4: Your first home (Perth) won’t be fully completed

Heard of that couple that built their first home and it didn’t even have lights or carpet? While it’s true that some first home builders might strip out a lot of items to make their housing seem super affordable, the best builder (Perth) has the buying power to give you quality inclusions without blowing the budget. At Easystart Homes, we offer competitively-priced turnkey homes that mean even the reticulation and fencing is completed so all you have to do is move in!

First home buyer myth: busted!

The ultimate first home builder fact: Easystart Homes make it easy to build your first home (Perth)

Itching to build your first home? Have a chat to our first home builder (Perth) team, and you might just discover why Easystart Homes are the best builders for first home buyers. We can help you even if you don’t have any savings! Call our caring first home builder (Perth) team today on 6555 7549!

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