First home buyers: how to make the most of the 2017/18 budget

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Have you heard the news? First home buyers are winners in the 2017/18 Federal Budget.

Here at Easystart Homes – as the first home buyer specialist and because we are Built Around People – we wanted to share with you what the changes mean and how you can make the most of them to help you achieve your new home goals.

The Budget talks about the “First Home Super Savers Scheme”, so what is that exactly?

Well, it’s a new initiative and is very much like a structured and controlled savings plan.

It works by letting you contribute your before-tax income into your superannuation fund on a voluntary basis.

As a first home buyer you can put up to $15,000 a year into your superannuation fund for two years which means a potential total saving of $30,000 per person, so $60,000 per couple. And yes, that money can be used towards your deposit for your first home!

The money will be taxed at the 15% superannuation tax rate. When it's withdrawn, it will be taxed at the marginal rate, with a 30% tax offset. What that means is that the withdrawal is tax-free for anyone earning under $87,000 per annum.

Easystart Homes Sales Manager Ryan Underwood said the scheme is due to start on July 1, upon passing Parliament.

“There is no better time than to start planning for a new home deposit than now,” Mr Underwood said.

“Using the First Home Super Savers Scheme is a great way to take advantage of the controlled savings momentum to help you get your start on the property ladder.

“Even the Treasurer has been quoted saying that “under this plan, most first home savers will be able accelerate their savings by at least 30 per cent”.”

“We would stress that this is an option for people who do not fit the criteria for Keystart, which is a very real option for many first home buyers now.

“With Keystart you can get into your new home with just 1% genuine savings so there is really no time to wait to start the enquiry process.

So what does the news mean for you? Well with Easystart Homes designs starting at just $146,600 and so many house and land packages north of the river and south of the river, now is a good time to start.

Plus if you partner with Easystart Homes, you can rest assured with the confidence that we’re part of the Summit Homes Group. Summit has been building homes for almost 40 years and are the 2017 MBA winners of the Best Customer Service Award and Project Builder of the Year Award.

Contact Easystart Homes today to discuss how the Home Super Savers Scheme or Keystart can be an easy way to get into your new home.

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