First home buyer feature: Easy home office ideas

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Being able to work from home is a pretty good employment perk.

And it’s even better when the home you get to work in is brand new!

If you can work from home, and are keen to become a first home buyer, here are some easy tips to create the ultimate home office:

  • Secure a dedicated work space

As a first home buyer, you’ll come across multiple home designs and house and land packages. If you plan to work from home now, or in the future, look for a home design that has a dedicated study (or a guest bedroom that could also double as a study). Walk through our Maverick and Contempo display homes to see our dedicated study/home office.

Some first home buyer home designs offer study ‘nooks’, which are often placed in the open plan living area. A study nook can be a great option for checking emails or social media, but if you need to concentrate for hours on end, only a separate room with a door can give you the privacy and space you need to work efficiently.

  • Study its position in the floor plan

The position of your study/home office can greatly influence how much work you can actually get done! Our Maverick and Contempo floor plans carefully consider the need for privacy and quiet, with the study distinctly separated from the open plan living areas.

Take note of what is going on outside of the window too. While some first home buyer floor plans will offer views of the backyard from the study/home office, this can become an issue if kids are playing noisily on the other side of the glass! It’s best for the study/home office to overlook quiet side gardens.

  • Work to accommodate more people

A good first home buyers floor plan will accommodate your current and future needs. Look for a home office that is big enough to let multiple people work and/or study at once, such as future kids needing to do homework while you work. Our Contempo display home features a long sleek desk that can accommodate up to three people at once as well as multiple screens.

Size is also important in regards to giving you more options for work and rest. For example, our Maverick first home buyer design is large enough to feature a couch, for when you need a break or just a more comfy position to go over some notes.

  • Keep it fresh and feel good

Even if work may seem drab and boring, your study/home office shouldn’t be! Journey into our Maverick and Contempo first home buyer display homes and you’ll discover funky wall prints, warm lighting, textured surfaces, plants, ornaments and windows to the floor for an abundance of natural light.

It’s not hard work to have it all with Easystart Homes

From finding the perfect home office/study, to securing every cent of the WA First Home Owners Grant, we love working hard to make it easy for first home buyers.

If you’re keen to discover house and land packages across Perth’s metro area, or would like to know more about Keystart home loans and other financial options you may be eligible for, it’s easy to get what you need – just call our first home buyer team today on 6555 7549!

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