Essential Checklist For Choosing The Best Budget Home Builders (Perth)

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Building your first home is most likely one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life (much bigger than whether or not to eat that 11-day-old deli meat!).

So what happens if you want to reap all the rewards of quality home ownership without committing yourself to lifestyle-sapping home finance for the rest of your life? Is that even possible, or are quality affordable homes (Perth) like mythical unicorn fairies?

The answer is both yes and no – and it all comes down to your choice of builder. There are many builders out there who build on price and claim quality, but the ones that actually live up to that promise are few and far between.

So, how do you make sure you partner with a builder who can help you realise your vision? Follow this checklist to help you find the builder that’s right for you!

  • Hit the books!

You’re probably glad to see the end of studying, but research here is an essential step! Hit up websites, forums and builders’ associations to learn as much as you can about different builders, what they offer, and what others think of them.

  • Put the builder to the test!

Guess what? Builders are lucky to have your business! So assume the power position of a job interviewer and ask them the big questions about how they’ll meet your budget, quality and timing expectations. Don’t be afraid to go into all the details, like what the ‘out-of-contract’ costs will be, how they define complete, and what they do to ensure quality contractor work.

  • Visit their homes

Most home builders display a collection of their designs as display homes that are open to the general public, but only the best affordable home builders (Perth) will be able to point out their quality features. Try not to be misled by quality finishes only, which are often used in display homes to distract from a host of poor quality elements.

  • Test their client relationships

Speak to the contractors, suppliers and lenders each builder uses. The budget home builders (Perth) who deliver quality budget homes on time will have great relationships with these clients.

  • Read, read, read, read, read…. Then read again!

Don't be afraid of contract documents – they’re your key to learning what exactly you will be getting for your money! So kick back in a hammock with a cold drink and enjoy!

Easystart Homes – builders of the affordable homes Perth trusts.

If you’re looking for a builder that will stand up to every point on your check-list (check out our essential check-list for choosing the best builder in Perth), look no further than Easystart Homes. As part of the renowned Summit Homes Group, Easystart Homes has the experience and resources to pack their homes with features and inclusions without compromising quality.

As specialist first affordable home builders (Perth), they’re committed to making your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Easystart Homes take care of everything in-house – so not only will you get a smooth, high quality build, they can also show you which Government grants you’re entitled to, and can take care of all your home finance needs with their in-house finance team, Westgate Financial Services – specialists in home loans Perth wide.

Talk to the experts at Easystart Homes to see how they stack up as the budget home builders Perth knows and trusts. Contact us today!


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