Regular community engagement has led to the suburb of Ellenbrook in Perth being named the world’s best master-planned community. 

Ellenbrook in Perth is being awarded RABCI (International Real Estate Federation) World Prixd’ Excellence Award for 2015, being named the world’s best master-planned community. With over 10,000 dwellings and a growing population of 30,000 people in the community, Ellenbrook is now one of WA’s fastest selling estate. 

WA Housing Minister Colin Holt applauded the development and its prestige. “Ellenbrook is an industry leader in urban planning, environmental sustainability, and neighbourhood and community development,” says Mr Holt.

The Community

There is a diversity of ages that work and live in Ellenbrook. Maturing couples and families make up 25.2% of the community, established couples and families are at 19.7% while 12.2% of the community are young families.

Vision to development

Filling the development with a prosperous community, keeping in touch with the people found there was a strong emphasis on maintaining the natural environment with the solution of tree retention, development of passive lakes and active spaces.

Attracting buyers was the advanced development of road linkages to service Ellenbrook But the road networks were not responsible for the sense of community emerging in the suburb.

The education system came first in Ellenbrook with ‘schools in houses’-teaching in homes until there were enough students to support a local primary school. Access to amenities from the early stages added to attracting buyers to Ellenbrook.

Keeping the community alive with its ingenious spirit, a ‘town piggy bank’ for the residents has been set up that pools a percentage of the sale from every house funding sporting clubs, parks and recreation facilities.

See Elllenbrook’s vibrant community by visiting Easystart’s display home, The Virtue or contact us today on 6555 7549 to find out how you can live in best master-planned community in the world.


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