My husband and I are new homeowners, thanks to Easystart Homes, and the entire process could not have been easier! We searched and searched to ensure that we found the perfect home, and the homes from Easystart quickly stood out in both of our minds because they were just so gorgeous. We were initially quite nervous because we didn't know what to expect during the construction process, but Easystart made it easy! We had constant contact with our construction manager, and the Click Home System kept us up to date throughout every step of the way.

Easy Start Reviews: How To Contact Your Construction Manager And Building Supervisor

When we were looking for a builder, one thing that stood out in our minds was Easystart's promise that we could have the direct phone number for both the construction manager and building supervisor. This high level of service meant that we could always check in to make sure that construction was taking place on schedule. We contacted our building supervisor and construction manager just a couple of times with questions regarding the building timeline, and every time they were friendly, professional, and happy to answer our questions. We never felt like we were bothering them and they always acted like we were the only customer they had!

Easy Start Reviews: The Click Home System

The Click Home System was another valuable tool during the building process. We were able to log into our own personal portal and get real time updates on our home's progress. We also received an email at five different stages, and we absolutely loved seeing the photos of our home while it was being built! It was so much fun sharing our home's progress with our out of town friends and family members through social media.

If you're thinking of building a home, we cannot recommend Easystart Homes enough! We've been in our home for nearly a year now and we've never been happier.

To learn more about Easystart Homes, or to see a list of display homes located throughout Perth, please click here.

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