Easy Housewarming Decorating Ideas From Easystart Homes!

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Let’s get ready to party!

There are heaps of benefits that come with owning a home of your own. You can choose your own paint colours, put hooks in walls without having to ask for permission and even create a mess without having to worry about your next inspection. You’re free to do whatever you like in your home because, well, it’s yours! There’s a lot to celebrate when you achieve ‘the great Aussie dream’ of home ownership, so kick off this awesome milestone with a kick-ass housewarming party!

So get creative (and save a bit of cash too) with these easy-peasy party decorating ideas!

  • Bust out the balloons

Sure, balloons can be a little ‘old school’, but they are a surefire way to create atmosphere at any party, plus there are heaps of different ways you can use them to decorate. Check out this DIY Balloon Garland , which is super easy to make. All you need to do is carefully string some balloons together with needle and thread and you’re done! If you want to splash a bit of cash on helium-filled balloons, you can even create an arch.

  • #PhotoWall

Your guest’s Instagram pics of the #bestpartyever will look even better if you create a ‘photo wall’. A photo wall can serve multiple purposes; it creates a great background for photos, can cover items you’d rather have tucked away, and also create a ‘barrier’ between areas of a party. America’s home decorating and cooking-queen, Martha Stewart, creates an awesome photo wall with balloons taped or weighted at different heights , but you can get creative with streamers, crepe paper, fairy lights - whatever! You might also want to give everyone a ‘hashtag’ to use when posting photos, so you can find their pics easily the next day.

  • Party plates

Every good party host makes sure there’s plenty of food and booze-free drink options for their guests. Often people won’t feel like eating when they first arrive, but a few hours in, after a few ‘lemonades’, it’ll feel like feeding an army! Pizza (ordered in or home-made) is a super easy, inexpensive and popular party snack choice. Offer the food around to your guests then place it on tables. Make sure you accompany your food table with napkins, cups, plates and plenty of water. There are heaps of fun options for paper and plastic dinnerware, so have fun shopping around for cool styles that your guests might not have seen before!

  • Light it up or dim it down

It’s called ‘mood lighting’ for a reason! The lighting of a space can have a huge impact on how a party feels. Drag out and dust off fairy lights which you may only use at Christmas, or place tea light candles in recycled glass jars and bottles. Adding candles to a space is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make a space feel more special. Just don’t forget to blow them all out at the end of the night!

Contact Easystart Homes today to start your road to home ownership and get your house warming party planning under way!

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