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There are some display homes that are just custom-made for first home builders.

They are ultra stylish and full of exciting possibilities, with heaps of room for friends and family.

Want to see such a display home for yourself? Head to Manning Road, south of the river, and take a walk through the Aria, our brand new display home in Manning that’s been carefully crafted to make you a very happy first home buyer!

The Aria display home has style, space plus a super smart floor plan! And because it’s built by our first home builder team, AKA the affordable home builders (Perth), the price is spot on too.

Easystart Homes Sales Manager Jared Stone sings the praises of the Aria display home:

  • Jared – the Aria display home has been described as a ‘rear living home’ – what exactly does this mean?

If you think about where you do most of your ‘living’ in your home, it’s usually in those shared open spaces – the living room, at the dining table, outside in the alfresco, whipping something up in the kitchen or even chilling out in the home theatre.

In a rear living display home, these spaces all come together at the back of the home, creating this really cool big space that lets each area flow onto the next. We’ve also utilised glass generously to create that enduring connection to the outdoors.

  • The kitchen really sets the tone for this area – very social and spacious!

We incorporated a galley style kitchen in this display home so that the island bench becomes a real social point of the whole open plan living area.

High 31c ceilings give it that extra touch of glam, while a huge walk-in pantry means you’ve got every ingredient at hand.

It’s these little extras that help set us apart from other affordable home builders (Perth).

  • So if this is a rear living home, that means the front of the display home is a private family zone?

Spot on! We think the best builders in Perth are those that have really well balanced floor plans. With the rear of the display home dedicated to open plan entertaining and general family socialising, the front of the home is where you get to enjoy the other side of the coin – quiet / private time!

The master suite is nice and roomy, with a full-length wardrobe and personal ensuite. It’s also across the hall from the other bedrooms, giving you that sense of seclusion but not so far that you can’t keep one eye and ear on what’s happening!

The children’s / guest zone is equally well-serviced, with two bedrooms surrounding a bathroom and handy separate WC.

Easystart Homes – the best builders in Perth for first home buyers!

We’re the first home builders who make it easy to become a first home buyer! Check out our range of display homes both north and south of the river and we can even help you find the perfect block to host your favourite display home design. (PS Remember to ask us about our display homes for sale too!).

To find out more about your affordable home builders, to chat about our range of floor plans for first home buyers, or to discover more about display homes for sale, give the best builders in Perth a call (that’s us!) on 6555 7549!

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