Creating a sense of space with paint!

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When you go from renting to becoming a first home buyer, you finally have the chance to paint the walls however you like.

And if you want to inject a splash of colour, there are certain colours you can pick that will make a room feel bigger than it actually is.

Space-creating colour choices for first home buyers:

  • Light yellow – Think creamy yellow tones, with names such as ‘straw yellow’ or ‘pale daffodil’. Our Adina Banjup display home features vibrant light yellow walls in the master suite.
  • Pale grey – Grey is a great choice for first home buyers as it’s neutral and very on-trend right now! Check out paint colours like ‘repose grey’ or ‘orchid bay’ and see the space-creating effect of pale grey walls in our Fusion display home.
  • Soft pink – No longer just for nurseries, soft pink can bring subtle softness to an activity room, lounge room or adult bedroom. Soft pink paint colours include ‘sugar egg pink’ and ‘tutu’.
  • Light blue – Light blue creates a relaxing atmosphere and works well with other textures in a room. Keep an eye out for paint colours called ‘blue angel’ or ‘icy blue’.
  • Light green – Feel invigorated as soon as you enter the room with this refreshing colour choice for first home buyers. Light green paint colours include ‘fresh mint’ and ‘cucumber’. Our Rueben display home features attractive light green panelling beneath the kitchen island bench.
  • Lavender – Lavender creates truly inviting living spaces and is utilised by many day spas for its meditative qualities. Look out for paint colours called ‘violet mist’ or ‘light mulberry’.

Quick painting tips for first home buyers!

  • Stick with one colour per room – While lavender and light green are two great paint colour choices, they shouldn’t be used in the same room. Stick with one colour per room and leave any non-feature walls white.
  • Make sure your rooms feel connected - A light airy bedroom shouldn’t give way to a dark moody ensuite. While each room can certainly have its own colour, all of your paint choices should feel in sync with each other.
  • Don’t match furniture and paint colour exactly – For example, if your couch has a strong grey colour, go for a softer version of that colour on the wall.
  • Take the wall colour to the ceiling – This paint trick helps to make the room feel even bigger!
  • Choose gloss for the ceiling – Because gloss paint reflects the light, it has the effect of making the ceilings seem taller.

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