There are stacks of building and renovating shows on TV right now. We get to see incredible transformations, which seem to happen overnight, but there’s plenty of sweat, tears and drama along the way. If you’re sitting on your couch thinking ‘I wish I could find the time to make some changes to this place’ on!

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish if you dedicate one hour, one day or a weekend to re-think the look of your home. Use these DIY tips and stylish solutions this weekend to give your home a fresh new look!

  • One Hour

Clear Surfaces! One of the simplest ways to make your home look clean and fresh is to de-clutter. Seems an obvious idea, but how often do we actually do it? Kitchen counters and meal tables can become a graveyard for bills, catalogues and receipts. Spend an hour sorting them and your head and home will be clean and clear.

  • One Day

Update the colour scheme in your lounge or bedroom. Think cushions and throws. Purchasing a new throw rug and cushions is a great way to update your lounge room. For Winter, think of rich materials like wool and faux fur which look and feel luxurious. If you’re heading into warmer weather, consider bright colours like coral or turquoise.

  • One Weekend

Head Outdoors. A spare weekend is the perfect opportunity to create/makeover your outdoor oasis! Take a look at your garden space and consider what can be improved on. Perhaps you’re not the best at caring for greenery and your garden bed has become a plant cemetery. Get your local garden centre to help you replace them with some low-maintenance options. A weekend is also more than enough time to install a fountain or shop for new outdoor furniture.

Hassle Free. Stress Free. Building is made easy with Easystart!

If you want to avoid the sweat and tears of changing your existing home, think about a turnkey package from Easystart homes! Turnkey homes are ready built homes Perth home buyers can’t get enough of, and here’s why;

  • Less Stress

With turnkey homes, everything is taken care of. Your builder does all the hard work for you! Turnkey homes (Perth) come fully finished, meaning all you have to do is literally turn the key!

  • Easy Budgeting

With turnkey homes, everything is included in the set price. Budget is a big deal, especially for first home buyers. So stick with a turnkey home and you won’t have to worry about having to find spare cash for unexpected extras.

  • All New

If you opt to build, you won’t have to worry about any repair work or maintenance anytime soon. With turnkey homes (Perth) constructed by a trusted builder, you get a brand spanking new home which is backed by a builder’s warranty.

Easystart homes make it easy peasy for first home buyers with an exciting range of ready built homes (Perth).

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