Choosing The Perfect House And Land Packages In Perth

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There are many reasons why house and land packages continue to be a popular choice for new home builders across Perth.

Rather than trying to find a home that suits your piece of land, or looking for a block that will accommodate your chosen design, house and land packages are the quick and easy way to find a homesite and home that you know will work beautifully together.

House and land packages are available right across the Perth metro area, meaning you are likely to have a good choice of options in the region you are hoping to call home. Look for a house and land package in a location that is serviced well by existing (or future) infrastructure, such as a train line, schools, retail outlets and medical facilities. These will enhance your lifestyle while you reside in the home while also protecting the future resale value of the home should you ever move.

Budgeting for your new home is also simplified with a home and land package, as you are able to see the overall price of your new home and land upfront (rather than accidentally spending too much on the land first!). To further reduce your costs once your new home is built, look for home and land packages that include a number of ‘extras’ as standard. Many builders will include air-conditioning, full painting and even landscaping as part of their land and house package, saving you much hassle, time and cost down the track!

While cost is very important, remember that no two home builders are the same in regards to the quality of the build as well as the fixtures, fittings and other inclusions. Rather than simply selecting the ‘cheap’ house and land package, take a walk through the display homes of numerous home builders to get a feel for the standard of workmanship. Be sure to take a close look at those little details like the care taken with painting and tiling, to get a better idea of who is offering the overall greatest value for money in the long term, not just the lowest upfront cost.

Ready to start looking for your perfect house and land package in Perth? Easystart Homes have an exciting range of house and land packages north and south of the river (in just about any suburb!), as well as in the South West.

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