The time has come. You’re tired of not being able to Blue-Tack that poster to the wall. Or your mum has squeezed in on the couch with you one time too many. It's time to spread your wings and buy one of those awesome house and land packages Perth first homebuyers always talk about.

Problem is, your bank account’s as empty as a politician’s promise. How are you going to pay the deposit to make your new home ownership dream finally come true? Easy – just get cheeky!

Here are our top cheeky ways you can save for house and land packages.

Save all your sauce and mustard sachets

An oldie but a goodie. For many young renters, tomato sauce is a top three dietary staple! But just think about how much you go through when you sauce up those pies, hotdogs and Weetbix? Next time you’re at a restaurant or fast food joint, stock up on the free sauce and mustard sachets and the savings will soon add up!

Haggle with your service providers

Most of us stay blindly stay loyal to these guys for years! But if you do your research, you’ll often find there are way better deals out there. The quick fix? Spend a couple of hours calling every company that you make a regular payment to and ask for (nay, demand!) lower rates. If your mobile and internet service providers want to keep your business, they’ll surely oblige. Otherwise, walk out the door and take your money elsewhere!

Turn your car into a driving billboard

Believe it or not, some advertisers will pay you to brand your car and drive around town as a moving billboard! What a cheeky way to pay for all your bills!

Do things others hate

Think mundane household chores like assembling Ikea furniture, weeding the garden or peeling the stickers off of fruit is fun? You’re probably one of a very rare breed! But that’s a good thing – put it out there that you’re willing to do these things for people and you could find yourself a neat little money spinner.

Pay cash everywhere!

If you can’t afford to pay cash, you can’t afford it. It’s a great philosophy that will soon see you reel in unnecessary spending. Start collecting money in a jar – not just for your deposit, for EVERYTHING. Suddenly that silly kitten fashion jacket doesn’t seem like such a good idea when you have to physically hand over yellow notes rather than simply flash your credit card!

Be a quitter

We all have those little routines that are ingrained into our day-to-day lives. Now it’s time to systematically stomp them out! Ditch your daily coffee. Say goodbye to your mag subscription. Sayonara smokes!

Separate the two-ply

Drastic times call for desperate measures. This cheeky tip (pardon the pun) could save you a few dollars a year (at the expense of your dignity).

Coupon like a crazed animal

Shampoo. Haircuts. Food. You’d be surprised how many daily items and services you can score for free (or at least discounted) by collecting coupons. Start by checking the back of your shopping dockets, then branch out online to sites like Groupon or Shop a Docket and go nuts!

Avoid pointless sales

We’re all suckers for this. There we are browsing the pasta isle, when suddenly we see a bright tag on the Kocher Eggplant Skin Rigatoni Essence saying ‘3 for 1, save $5.99’. Wow, look at how much you’re saving, right? Wrong! Kocher Eggplant Skin Rigatoni Essence is not something you’ll ever need to buy (plus it’s likely not even real). Stop buying things just because they are on sale and you’ll be filling your trolley with dollar signs in no time.

Saving for a deposit for house and land packages is tough, but if you get creative, you’ll find the sum of many savings measures will soon add up. And when it does, head straight to Easystart Homes.

As the WA specialists in Perth house and land packages, Easystart Homes has a solution for just about anyone. They have awesome home and land packages (Perth metro area, South of the river and South West), perfect for first homebuyers.

PLUS thanks to their long–standing relationships with Perth land developers, they can ensure you get the best deals on land!

Realise your dream today! Contact us today!

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