Building A New Home In Perth? Why You Still Need An Inspection

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It's no surprise that new homeowners need to have an existing home inspected before they buy it.

A professional inspection can find hidden problems that could become a major issue down the road, and can help protect the owner's investment. However, it's not just existing homes that need an inspection! If you're planning on building a new home in Perth, don't forget to have it professionally inspected before you sign the paperwork that makes the home yours.

  • Why You Need An Inspection When Building A New Home In Perth

Many new homebuyers falsely believe that they don't need an inspection when they're building a new home in Perth. After all, the house is brand new and should be perfect, right? Wrong! Before you sign your mortgage paperwork, it's vital that you get an inspection. It's not uncommon for minor issues to show up during the building process and an inspection will ensure that they can be fixed. When these repairs are made before the ownership changes hands, homeowners can be confident that they won't have any problems after they sign the paperwork.

  • About The Easystart Inspection Process

During the last stage of the building process, Easystart Homes will complete a Practical Completion Inspection. This inspection will ensure that all appliances are working, that all the fittings and fixtures are properly installed, and that there aren't any issues with the home. Any problems will be corrected before the owner receives the keys, and we'll even complete a second inspection to make sure that everything is done correctly. When you're building a new home in Perth with Easystart Homes, you can be confident that you're getting a beautiful house that you'll be happy to call home for many, many years.

If you're building a new home in Perth and your builder says you don't need an inspection, don't listen! Inspecting a new home is just as important as inspecting an existing structure.

To learn more about building a new home in Perth with Easystart Homes, please click here or call 08 6555 7549 and an Easystart Homes representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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