Budget tips for first home buyers!

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If you’re currently saving for your first home, you’re probably already onto a few money saving strategies, such as taking leftovers to work for lunch and going to the movies on a Tuesday.

The good news is, saving for your first home is a joint effort. You put away what you can, and our first home buyers team are also on hand to help with a raft of financial assistance options.

Here, we’ll highlight some further savings strategies you might not have thought of, as well as give you a glimpse of the many ways we offer first home buyers a helping hand:

1. How you can save even more for your first home:

  • Lose the gift guilt – from birthdays to engagement parties and Christmas, gift giving can seriously dent your first home buyer savings plan. So have a chat to your friends and families about keeping the fun while losing the financial hit. Maybe you’ll decide to simply celebrate together without the need to exchange gifts, or try out second hand gifts for a year (Gumtree and Op Shops are full of hidden treasures, like best-selling books for $2!). And scrap those expensive cards and wrapping paper too, it’s a lot to pay for something that will end up in the bin.
  • Find a way to get a second income – whether it’s working at a local café on Saturday or delivering newspapers, this second stream of income can seriously fast track your first home buyer savings plan. As a bonus, you’ll likely meet new people and maybe even pick up some new skills!
  • Make it a competition – chances are, you know another first home buyer who is also saving for a first home deposit. So why not challenge each other to a savings duel? Whoever can save a greater percentage of their income over a set period of time gets their car washed and detailed by the other!

2. How WE can help you become a first home buyer sooner:

  • savingsassist – Want even more savings tips and ideas? Would a tailored savings plan help? Then hit up our savingsassist service, where we will work with you to come up with a personal first home savings plan!
  • WA First Home Owners Grant – Our first home buyers finance gurus make it super easy for you to get the WA First Home Owners Grant, giving your first home savings a nice $10k boost!
  • #NoFirstHomeFOMO – For a limited time only, we’ll pay the $5,000 boost* AND an extra $10,000 in financial support on top of the $10,000 WA First Home Owners Grant to give you a HUGE $25,000 towards your first home!
  • depositassist – If you’re yet to save a deposit, don’t let it stop you having a chat to our first home buyer team. We know first home finance inside out, and there’s a chance you can still become a first home buyer!
  • rentassist and buildingassist – Renting while building can pull you in two financial directions. With rentassist, we’ll help pay your rent while we build your first home! And thanks to buildingassist, you could have zero building payments to pay until move in day!

Save yourself from renting forever with Easystart Homes

Let’s team up and realise your dream of becoming a first home buyer, preferably sooner rather than later! We’re keen to chat all things first home buyer finance, and can even suss out if you’re a good fit for Keystart home loans! Call us today on 6555 7549! 

*Terms and conditions apply.

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