Any first home builder will tell you there’s a lot to think about when beginning the home-building journey.

There’s choosing a builder, a block of land, window coverings and paint colours…and that’s just the beginning! For budget home builders (Perth), every dollar counts too. So it’s not surprising that many first home builders tend to put the outdoor part of the home at the bottom of their list of spending priorities.

But when decorating your home, it’s especially worthwhile for Perth builders not to forget the great outdoors! Living in Western Australia, we have an abundance of sunny days and balmy evenings to take advantage of. And to do this, you don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars to set up and awesome alfresco area. These top three tips will instantly save you cash.

1. Reduce Your Lawn Size
Lawn can cost a lot of money to maintain, when it’s often not even used or needed. When designing your backyard, consider if you actually want a lawn and what size you’d like it to be.

2. Accessorise!
Outdoor ornaments like wall-art and fountains don’t need to break the budget to make a big splash in your yard. Many pumps for ponds and fountains are DIY these days, saving you money on installation. Cheap and cheerful plastic outdoor rugs instantly inject a pop of colour.

3. Low Maintenance Leaves
Setting up your garden with low maintenance plants will save you money and a lot of time! Some of the best fuss-free plants for the Australian climate include Camellias, New Zealand Flax and Oleanders. Fill your garden with these babies and you can jet to Bali for a week without worrying about them carking it while you’re gone.

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