For those transitioning from the world of renting, a first home offers the taste of freedom. You can finally hang up that AC/DC poster. Get that dog you’ve always wanted. Or plant a garden without fear of losing your bond!

By choosing value-packed new homes, Perth first home buyers are freeing up funds to explore the many freedoms that come from ditching rentals for good. One of the hottest trends right now is setting up your backyard as your own private outdoor cinema. With all the affordable technology out there these days, what better way to capitalise on being able to customise your home?

Five steps to create outdoor cinemas in new homes in Perth

Step one: Find a space
Will your setup be permanent or temporary? If you’re just wheeling out equipment for the occasional movie night, then your lawn, driveway or patio provides readymade space. If you want a year-round setup, then a permanent area with room for your screen, seating and equipment will be required. Get creative – perhaps there is room down the side of your home you could use?

Step two: Make a screen
If you can’t afford to buy a screen, then simply make your own! Paint a section of a wall or fence white, hang a white bed sheet up on a suspended rope, stretch fabric over a wooden frame, paint a large canvas white, or attach fabric to a roller shade and hang it from a verandah rafter.

Step three: Purchase audiovisual equipment
For those who can afford it, you can simply purchase a projector and sound system already set up. If you want to create a theatre on a budget, buying a used projector and teaming it with your existing DVD player and speaker system is a fantastically viable option. Online classifieds are the go-to place for unwanted goods at bargain prices (think eBay and Gumtree).

Step four: Seating
Take advantage of your existing patio, or simply deck out your lawn with beach chairs, blankets or bean bags – whatever creates a comfortable experience for your guests.

Step five: Ambience
You’ll be surprised what you can do with a little imagination. Collect glass jars and fill them with tealights. Combine colourful paper bags with light strings. Purchase an assortment of old lamp shades (they may look old and daggy by themselves, but together in the outdoors they are funky).

Step six: Food and drink
If you want to go all out, you can replicate the full movie experience with your own snack bar! Popcorn and slushy machines, hot dog roller grills and bun warmers can actually be fairly affordable. However, a traditional barbeque and esky is just as good (as is a phone call to your local pizza store!).

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