Design tips for first home buyers that are sure to impress your guests!

One of the best things about being a first home builder is finally having a space to call your own; somewhere you can stamp with your own personal style (and finally hang a picture on the wall!).

And the best part? You don’t need to take out the Powerball jackpot to get your home looking pretty damn impressive!

Here are our top 10 ways to get top-notch style on a shoestring!

  • Everything old is new again

Polish off a bottle of red last night? About to put an empty jam jar in the bin? You’re actually looking at some sneaky style possibilities! Turn that wine bottle into a vase with a few banksia clippings and enjoy a dinner party by candlelight with shimmering tea lights in jars. You’ll get the vintage look and reduce your household waste! Other recycling style tips include utilising milk crates for extra outdoor seating and planting herbs in old drawers!

  • Get the light right

Lighting is a really affordable way to make living spaces instantly more inviting (plus bad lighting can undo your other styling efforts!). Join other first home buyers (Perth) in checking out IKEA and other stores for funky light fittings and shades that not only look great but cast eye-catching patterns across the walls.

  • Work with your home, not against it

Sounds simple enough, but it costs much less to embrace the existing character of your first home, rather than trying to create something new. For example, if your home is defined by modern, open living spaces, build on this theme with minimalistic, light coloured inclusions. If your home has more of a heritage look with smaller living spaces, go for a darker, ‘cosier’ colour scheme.

  • Consistency is key

Just because you can paint every room a different colour doesn’t mean you should. For those big-ticket items like flooring, wall painting and window coverings, keep things consistent. Think same coloured carpets in each room, and only slight variations in wall colours. This creates somewhat of a ‘blank canvas’ for you to then go a little bit nuts with those smaller details and decorations.

  • Control the clutter

Picked up a statue at every stop on your Contiki tour? Somehow collected seven different vases this year? Before you know it, every surface in your first home is looking busier than the London Underground. Time to get ruthless – pick a small selection of your absolute favourite pieces, and store the rest away.

Removing clutter instantly adds to the appeal of any room and it will actually allow the beauty or uniqueness of each piece to shine through. Can’t choose between them? Develop a rotating system to keep refreshing the room’s style!

  • Shop around

As a first home builder, there’s a lot you can do with a limited style budget – especially if you’re willing to put in a bit of extra time and legwork upfront. If you have your heart set on a certain piece like a large vintage mirror, don’t buy the first one you see. Visit multiple stores, compare prices and even go online. You won’t save time but you will save money (and most first homebuilders have more of one than the other!).

  • Art

Even if you haven’t held a paintbrush since Year 9 art class, it can be a lot of fun to buy a canvas and create your own artwork to put on the wall. And if your depiction of a fruit bowl starts to look more like a fruitcake that’s been run over, just call it “abstract”! There’s also the option of taking your own happy snaps – head to the beach and get some shots of waves breaking, footprints in sand and the sun setting. Cameras do a lot of the heavy lifting themselves these days with features like easy-to-use effects, so you’re likely to snap a winner that’s ready to print and frame.

  • Buy secondhand

Thanks to websites like Gumtree that make it super easy for people to post items for sale, you can find just about anything for the home at a cheap, secondhand price. As a first home builder (Perth), you might just find you will furnish your whole house with secondhand couches, dining settings, and wardrobes. Aim for classic items that give your home timeless style.

  • Stagger the process

This one’s pretty simple too – don’t bite off more than you can chew! Tackling one room at a time does require patience, but it keeps you focused and also gives you the chance to save up a bit again before moving onto the next room.

  • Build quality from the start

At the end of the day, a quality-built home already looks effortlessly stylish, while no amount of decorating can hide a poorly built home. First home builders are encouraged to look to reputable first home builders such as Easystart Homes. Part of the Summit Homes Group, Easystart Homes are a first homebuyers best friend, offering quality-built homes, stylish designs and home finance with just a $3000 deposit (that’s less than the cost of a fancy new couch!). They’ll even help you secure the First Home Owners Grant!

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