Affordable interior design to make your house a home

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After renting or living with mum and dad, your first home (Perth) is when you finally have the freedom to turn your house into your home.

And home décor doesn’t need to cost a fortune! Seeking affordable interior design ideas for your first home (Perth)? Check out the following Top 5 tips:

  • Home décor on a budget tip #1 – DIY artwork

Creating your own artwork is one of the ultimate affordable interior design tips. Got a secret talent for sketching? Or have a mate who can paint? Whip something up, frame it and you’ve got a piece of artwork for your new home that is not only hugely sentimental but super unique as well.

Photography can also transform your first home (Perth). Look through snaps from past holidays – chances are you grabbed a cool landscape shot that can be blown up on canvas as a feature style statement in your new home.

Bonus affordable interior design tip: Keep an eye out for canvas printing specials that can save you up to 50%!

  • Home décor on a budget tip #2 – Rug up

While first home builders such as Easystart Homes can give you quality flooring, some cool rugs will bring that added homely touch to your first home (Perth). A feature rug will anchor a living space and bring a lovely sense of warmth to the area, all the while protecting the flooring throughout your new home.

Bonus affordable interior design tip: Pick something quirky at a local market or check out websites such as Gumtree for nearby bargains.

  • Home décor on a budget tip #3 – Grow your own personal style

If you choose a turnkey home from our first home builder team, it’s likely that reticulated landscaping will be included in the price of your first home (Perth). So why not bring the gorgeous greenery inside too?

Indoor plants can be extremely chic – imagine a little garden of succulents on a coffee table or a large feature fern bringing light and life to a blank corner of your new home.

Bonus affordable interior design tip: Indoor herb gardens can further enhance your home décor and come in very handy when cooking too!

  • Home décor on a budget tip #4 – Mix and match

Look for those little opportunities to add some eclectic style throughout your first home (Perth). For example, cluster a variety of candles together on a tray, experiment with coloured throws, paint a bed headboard on the wall (if you are yet to buy one) and install some cool mirrors in your new home.

Bonus affordable interior design tip: Get a little unpredictable to make your first home (Perth) uniquely yours. For example, do a second hand shop trail and pick up a dinner plate at every stop to create a cool vintage dinner set that can be displayed on an open shelf.

  • Home décor on a budget tip #5 – Enjoy timeless style with the first home builders at Easystart Homes

While interior design trends come and go, quality building methods and materials will never go out of style. Backed by the Summit Homes Group, our first home builder team gives you more, such as steel frame roofing at no extra cost! And because we can build your first home with no savings, you’ll have more money to spend on home décor!

Call our dedicated first home builders today on 6555 7549!

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