Affordable and stylish first home options.

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Like cookies and cream, Tarzan and Jane, some things just go together.

And if you’re a first homebuyer, you’ll find an equally perfect partnership in a house and land package.

Ultra convenient and cost effective too, a house and land package wraps up everything a first homebuyer could want in one brilliant bundle, including affordable land, an intelligent home design and the opportunity to live in a brand new estate.

  • What makes a new estate so great?

Most new land estates are ‘master planned’ from the ground up. This means they embrace how people want to live today, not forty years ago. Many encourage ‘walkability’, meaning your new home should be walking distance to destinations such as a big park or future supermarket.

The sense of community can also be stronger in a new estate. New land estates tend to attract other people at a similar age / stage of life to you, meaning young families get to grow up together. Land developers often throw community events to help everyone get to know each other.

While every facility may not be in place by the time you move in, chances are they are on the horizon. New supermarkets, schools and parks will begin to pop up all around you as your community grows in size.

Purchasing vacant land then looking for the right home to match it can be a longer, more stressful process, plus it could cost you more as well!

A house and land package is likely more affordable for a few reasons. Firstly, you only pay stamp duty on the value of the land. Secondly, your affordable house and land package should come with a long list of quality inclusions such as flooring, fencing and landscaping, meaning you don’t need to find more cash for all these extras once you move in.

What’s more, your new home design has already been matched to your homesite, optimising space and solar orientation.

Affordable house and land packages (Perth) are yours at Easystart Homes

We love helping first homebuyers into a brand new home with our cheap house and land packages! We appreciate you’ve got unique ideas about where and how you want to live, which is why we offer so much choice when it comes to our house and land packages.

In fact, we have access to newly released homesites before anyone else, letting you pick the best of the lot! Once the land is locked in, we’ll work with you to find that awesome home design you’ll just love to live it up in!

To find out more about our affordable house and land packages (Perth), call us today on 6555 7549! 

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