Affordable and Fun WA Day Celebrations

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Affordable and fun WA Day celebrations – our Top 7 tips!

One of the coolest things about owning your very own home is getting to turn it into a party palace.

And what better day to throw a huge celebration than on WA Day?

With work strictly off the table, it just wouldn’t be (West) Australian to let the day go by without throwing an awesome shindig. And the best part is, you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Here are some tips on how to have a wicked WA Day without breaking the budget!

1. Electronic invites

With the inventions of email and Facebook, no longer must you pay for paper invites and postage! Creating a Facebook event is super easy and you can see exactly who’s coming, plus post any updates about the event as it gets closer.

2. Theme it up!

Some of the most iconic elements of our WA lifestyle are amazingly affordable – getting outdoors, pulling on some thongs, turning sausages on the BBQ! So tap into a true Aussie theme on the day for an affordable fiesta – fire up the barbie in the alfresco, whack on some sausages and let the patriotic fun begin!

3. Punch above your weight

Putting on the drinks for a party can put a serious dent in your savings. So unless you’re making the event BYO, skip the beer and wine and opt for a punch. Blend juice, champagne and sliced fruit together for a colourful creation. Why not chuck a few plastic boats and birds on top as a tribute to our sparkling Swan River?

4. Buy in bulk

Cheap things come in big packages! Look for the huge value packs of sausages, mega soft drink slabs, jumbo 4L ice cream tubs and big juice bottles. Fresh produce is also cheaper when it’s in season, so keep this in mind when making the salad!

5. Discount deals

As the big day approaches, keep your eyes peeled for discount coupons. Grocery shopping receipts often contain great deals like cheap pizza in your area. Look at online discount websites such as Scoopon too, where you might be able to pick up cakes or sandwiches for a drastically reduced price.

6. Try before you buy

Rather than buying the latest tracks online, sign up for a free trial of an online music streaming service. With some services like Pandora, you can continue enjoying the tracks for free as long as you don’t mind the odd advert interrupting your tunes.

7. Keep it tight

We’ve all been there. What starts as a small gathering ends up looking like Perth Cup, where even the local service station attendant scores an invite! This time, make a conscious decision to keep things under control, inviting just a select number of friends and family. This means less catering costs, but more importantly, you’ll actually have a chance to chat to everyone.

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