7 fast furniture tips to maximise small spaces!

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Being a first home buyer, you want your new home to feel as spacious as possible.

The first step? Find a first home builder who makes it really easy and affordable to build a well-sized home ("cough" Easystart Homes "cough")

The second step? Get smart with furnishing your new pad so that each room feels even ‘roomier’!

To get you started, here are seven fast tips to help you furnish for ultra-spacious living:

Fast tip #1: Double-function furniture

Why have an ottoman AND a storage chest, when you can get one piece of furniture that does both jobs? Look for hollow ottomans that open up to store magazines, blankets, DVDs and the like. Consider installing a bench seat as well – it cranks your seating options right up and can also double nicely as a storage nook.

Fast tip #2: Pedestal tables

Forgo that huge coffee table for one or two smaller pedestal tables. They look quirky and cool, don’t take up much space (look for ones where the legs don’t slant outwards) and come in a range of styles from modern to art deco.

Fast tip #3: Big mirrors

A big mirror can make a room feel more spacious and light-filled in an instant. If you can afford it, a huge ornamental framed mirror can make a big style splash. Or you can get more creative and save some coins by looking for smaller, unframed mirrors and piecing them together like a mosaic.

Fast tip #4: Stool stacks

Stools are one of those trendy items that are super handy as well. Keep an eye out for stools of various heights that can be slipped under one another to form a ‘stool stack’. This stack can operate as a sole table or seat but quickly transform into multiple seating once the guests rock up.

Fast tip #5: The floating effect

Rather than a bulky TV cabinet or bookcase, look for pieces that can be attached to the wall. Slim-line entertainment units can ‘float’ off the floor by hanging them off the wall – this floating effect lets the light shine underneath, adding to the sense of space in the region. For this reason, also opt for shelving instead of a bookcase and hang your TV if you can.

Fast tip #6: Petite seats

A huge L-shaped couch can swallow up a room, making the walls feel like they are closing in. Why not consider a smaller ‘settee’ couch that gives you all the comfort without the overpowering weight and size. Complement a settee with two petite armchairs.

When selecting couches or armchairs, imagine them wearing skinny jeans instead of flares – that is, you want narrow straight legs, not wide or curvy ones that give the impression of taking up more space.

Fast tip #7: Colour it right

Depending on where you shop, you can often select from a range of colours for your new furniture. Choose colours that match your walls, so that the furniture seems to ‘blend away’ rather than stand out.

Get more space from the outset with Easystart Homes

As part of the Summit Homes Group, we’re the first home builders who come with a wealth of knowledge, style insights and massive buying power – it’s how we make it easy for first home buyers to build a spacious new home in an equally awesome location.

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