With WA’s abundance of home builders, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Building your first home is a big life decision, and you need to be sure you’re leaving it in the hands of a company that can make the process as simple, easy and affordable as possible.

So before you lock yourself in to the first name that you stumble across, take some time to think about what it takes to be the best builders in Perth, and how they can best cater to your lifestyle.

Here are 5 key considerations when finding the best builder in Perth:

  • Easy process

Home builders may have done it a thousand times, but you haven’t. There is a lot to consider, from arranging finance, to applying for relevant government grants, securing land at a good price, and choosing a home design that suits your block. Your home builder should be sensitive to the fact that you lead a busy lifestyle and understand that things like work commitments, going to the gym, and an active social life eat up your valuable time. Builders that can take care of everything in-house are likely to have been set up to simplify the process and handle all the things you don't have the time or expertise to do yourself.

  • Transparency & communication

Your home builder should understand the need to be completely transparent. A personal, hands-on approach and strong communication skills should indicate they have your best interests at heart. This includes keeping you informed every step of the way, from initial conversations to the handing over of keys.

  • Value for money designs

The best builders in Perth will understand that not everyone wants the bells and whistles when building a home for the first time. They recognise that it is possible to provide quality homes at lower price points through clever design tailored to a simpler lifestyle. This should take into account inclusion options that allow the individual to dictate what to incorporate in their budget.

  • Builder history

When it comes to choosing a company to build your first home, reputations count. It is important you run a background check on your builder to avoid being stung by a ‘newbie’ trying to make a name for themselves with cheap prices, which can often lead to poor build quality to compensate. If you are looking at a smaller company, check that it was formed from a larger homebuilding group, as this means it will likely benefit from the backing of years of experience, access to top quality products and trades and the ability to offer longer structural guarantees.

  • Quality & service

This is a no brainer, but one that is often sacrificed in the search for a low cost option. The truth is, the best builder in Perth maintain the highest quality standards and service while keeping costs low. This is a sign of maturity, and one that shows the builder is in touch with the needs of a first home buyer.

Once you’ve assessed your builders against this criteria, you’ll be well placed to find the best builder in Perth to bring your first home to life.

Easystart Homes offer all this and more, making them a prime candidate as Perth’s best builder for first home buyers. As industry leaders in everything from customer service to building practices, they make the entire process as easy and stress-free as possible. According to Sales Manager of Easy Start Homes, Jared Stone, being the best builders in Perth comes from actions, not just words.

“We are possibly the only home builders in WA to give first home buyers direct contact with their building supervisor and even construction manager,” said Mr Stone. “We also provide access to a customer portal that provides information every step of the way, making the process simple and easy.

“Another aspect we pride ourselves on is taking care of everything in-house. As part of the Summit Homes Group, we have the experience to handle everything from offering financial advice to securing government grants and finding great house and land packages. For first home buyers who are a little unsure, that’s great peace-of-mind.”

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