5 tips on how to style your walls

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You got your first home owners grant or keystart loan, chosen from an array of house and land packages, built, finally received the keys, and it’s all yours!

Your first home! But it’s not quite there yet, is it? So first thing’s first – time to get cracking on adding some colour to the walls!

For first home buyers in Perth, painting your first home is one of the most exciting ways to put your own personality into your space, especially if you’re on a budget.

Here are 5 tips on how to pick the perfect colour for your first home.

  • Don’t pick your paint colour first

There’s no doubt about it, it’s fun for first home buyers to run out to their local warehouse, grab all the brushes and sheet coverings, and bring home tins of paint to get cracking on the walls. But hold your horses and choose your furniture first! It’s much easier to choose a paint colour that goes with your furniture and groovy décor than it is to choose décor to go with a paint colour. If you already have some, take those colours into consideration.

  • Selecting your paint type

As first home buyers in WA who have received a first home owners grant you might be led to believe you can purchase just any paint off the shelf and go hell for leather on your walls, but if you’ve just built, you’ll need to decide on your level of sheen.

Sheen impacts the finish of your paint job, so WA first home buyers take note! The greater the gloss the greater the reflections, and flat or matte paints are recommended on walls and ceilings. Satin or low sheen paints have varying degrees of lustrous finishes and will work well in main living areas. While gloss and semi-gloss paints are typically used on skirting, trims, doors and windows.

  • When not to get bright colours

Are you a first home buyer who wants to enjoy the option of changing your room around? If you do, then painting bright colours is not for you. Neutrals will work best instead, allowing you to alternate your furniture and you can make colours pop with affordable elements like pillows and artwork.

  • Want something different?

Wallpaper was once associated with your grandparents, right? Those tiny little pink and green flowers plastered all along the living room walls…the memory sticks in your head like a sore thumb.

But Perth first home buyers’ can still make a big impact with a small budget thanks to modern wallpapers. It’s easy – simply apply your favourite wallpaper pattern on a single wall to add a bit of oomph!

Got a wall mirror? Hang it on the opposite wall to create an echo of the print without the expense of papering both walls. If you want the ‘wow’ factor, modern wallpaper is a brilliant alternative.

  • Size matters

You can instantly make a space feel smaller or bigger by the colours on your walls, so when choosing a colour, consider using lighter colours on both the walls and ceiling to make a smaller room seem bigger. If you enjoy dark colours in small spaces, you can get away with it so long as it’s done right – paint one wall with a dark colour and use a much lighter shade of the same colour on the remaining walls.

If you’re unsure of what colours to put up on your walls, you can paint rooms predominantly white and then introduce cool colours like blues and greens as a subtle feature.

As a first home buyer, it’s easy to create a dream home on a budget, and at Easystart Homes, it’s easy to own your own home with just a $3,000 deposit and the $15,000 first home owners grant!

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