Perth home buyers are turning to turnkey homes in their droves, particularly those looking to buy for the first time. A ready-to-go package gives you great security when you’re on a tight budget, as you know exactly what you’re spending your hard-earned on right from the get go.

But what are turnkey homes?

Perth turnkey homes

Like the name suggests, turnkey homes in Perth come fully finished – all you need do is turn the key! This includes everything you need to live comfortably in your new home, from carpets and floor tiles, to light fittings and fencing – even the letterbox!

Why choose turnkey homes?

Perth builders do all the work for you!

Fully finishing a home usually requires locating and coordinating various suppliers and trades, which can be a big drain on your time and money. Best leave it to the experts!

Easy to budget for

It allows you to budget for a fully completed home at a fixed price upfront. Unless you’re happy to live with bare concrete floors and exposed light bulbs, eventually you’ll have to deal with more expenses after key handover.

Roll everything into one smart loan

Turnkey home packages equal one price and therefore one loan. Avoid the stress of chasing up additional funds or refinancing to finish off your home.

Easier to get finance

Speaking of finance, many banks take kindly to turnkey homes as it gives them the assurance of knowing you are unlikely to chase them for additional funds at a later date.

The latest style

You won’t have to agonise over whether to go for ‘Cowry Shell Cream’ or ‘Spring Petal White’ – builders often use design experts to ensure turnkey homes are finished with the freshest colour schemes, and decked out with the latest technology to boot.

Easystart Homes – the best value turnkey homes Perth wide

Easystart Homes are widely respected for their ability to deliver value-packed ready build homes in Perth. Building can be a daunting experience for first home buyers, so you need to look past flashy logos and TV commercials!

Easystart Homes aren’t like the rest - they take it upon themselves to make your first home building experience easy and stress-free. Leave it in their capable hands to deliver turnkey homes built to the highest quality standards, with everything explained to you in language you actually understand.

You can even stay up-to-date with ‘Click Home’ - a communication tool that sends you photos of your home’s progress along the way - so you can feel 100% confident that everything is on track!

What’s more, many of Easystart’s turnkey homes are offered in house & land packages that start from as low as $289,000, making it even easier to save time, hassle and money.

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