4 ways to become a first home buyer!

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Whether you’re renting or still living at home with mum and dad, it can feel like your life is on hold.

Paying someone else’s mortgage and not having a great space to officially call your own can seriously fuel your desire to buy your first home (Perth).

And why wait any longer for your first home than you have to? Check out these 4 tips to help you become a first home buyer before you know it:

  • Line up your financial ducks

A bit of financial prep can go a long way towards speeding up your first home buyer journey. Knowing exactly how much you can borrow, and what grants you could qualify for, will help you direct your efforts towards affordable homes (Perth) that fall within your price range. Our in-house finance team, Westgate Finance, can give you all the finance help you need, with specific advice and knowledge suited exactly to first home buyers.

Secondly, give your personal finances a bit of a spring clean too. Multiple credit cards or personal loans can make your situation look a bit messy, so try to consolidate or pay down these smaller debts as soon as possible.

  • Lock in some locations

While most quality first home builders offer affordable homes (Perth) across the metro area, it’s a good idea to shortlist some areas where you’d love to live in order to speed up your first home (Perth) selection process. Maybe you want to stay on the same side of the river as close family? Or have spotted some new estates well serviced by transport and other amenities? Concentrate your search on these key areas to sharpen your first home buyer focus.

  • Determine your deal-breakers and dealmakers

Chances are, there are a few things that you definitely do or don’t want in your first home (Perth). And if you’re buying with a partner, they probably do too. Get these things out on the table upfront so you don’t waste time looking at first home buyer packages or first home builders that don’t make the cut.

  • Research your first home builder options…a lot!

As a first home buyer, you’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a first home builder who delivers affordable homes (Perth).

Check out what people are really saying about these first home builders through impartial online forums like Product Review, or even Facebook. Was their first home (Perth) completed on time? Did they provide finance help under the one roof? Are their affordable homes (Perth) well-built using quality materials? Did their builder keep them informed along the way?

Also, ask the first home builder what they do to get you into your first home sooner. At Easystart Homes, we make it easy to become a first home buyer with in-house finance help (including no-savings options), exclusive land for first home buyers on both sides of the river and exciting first home designs that can be tailored into a custom house and land package.

To find out more, call our friendly first home builder team on 6555 7549!

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