3 Steps To Apply For The First Home Buyers Grant In Perth

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First home buyers who don't apply for the first home buyers grant in Perth are missing out on free money from the state government. The grant currently provides $10,000 for people who are building a brand new home in WA (first home buyers who are focusing their search on existing homes are limited to $3000). If you haven't thought about how to apply for theĀ first home buyers grant in Perth, here's how in three easy steps.

Make Sure Your Lender Is An Approved Vendor For The First Home Buyers Grant In Perth

Your lender should be on the state government's approved vendor list. If they're not, you can still apply for the first home buyers grant in Perth, however the process will be slightly more complicated and time consuming on your end.

When your lender is an approved vendor, he or she will be able to do the bulk of the work for you. Additionally, you may be able to receive your funds sooner.

If your lender is not approved, you'll have to do the work yourself. This means that you'll need to fill out an application form and take it in person or mail it to the Office of State Revenue.

What Type Of Documentation Is Necessary To Apply For The First Home Buyers Grant In Perth?

Before your funds can be dispersed, you'll need to provide a great deal of documentation to prove that you're eligible to receive them. This includes an Australian birth certificate, passport, or citizenship certificate, an Australian driver's license, firearms license, or a photo ID card, a Medicare card, motor vehicle registration, Department of Veterans Affairs card, an insurance statement, utility bill, or bank statement. Each type of document carries different weight so you'll likely have to provide a combination of these documents. Additionally, you'll need to supply your marriage or divorce certificate, or separation papers if these situations apply to you.

The first home buyers grant in Perth is an incredible benefit, but you have to make sure you apply for it in order to receive the funds. To make things easy for first home buyers, the professionals at Easystart Homes have partnered with Westgate Financial to make applying for the first home buyers grant in Perth a breeze.

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