11 spring cleaning tips for first home buyers!

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When spring rolls around, a lot of us are sprung with a musty, closed up house.

Time for some spring-cleaning! Yep, becoming a first home buyer means discovering the joys of a good spring clean, where you can just about get that ‘new home’ feeling back despite the internal wear and tear of winter.

And because we’re all about making things easy, we’re passing on 11 easy spring-cleaning tips for first home buyers!

If you managed to escape winter for a while, chances are you came back to your first home and noticed it has a distinct smell. A lot of homes develop an odour over winter thanks to all the doors and windows being closed (and the wet dog sleeping on the couch!). Open your windows wide, light some scented candles or diffuse some essential oils for a quick way to bring in fresh air and add new aromas to your home.

We love giving first home buyers a grand entrance with our home designs, yet life can quickly fill an entryway with clutter. Clearing out your hallway can instantly change the vibe of the area, making it feel much more spacious. Plan to keep it clear for good? Simply install a coat, hat and shoe rack!

  • First home buyers spring cleaning tip #3: Glass that gleams

Either Perth has been struck with permanent dense fog, or your windows need a wash! Vinegar and water can often be enough to get them sparkling, giving your home instantly more sunlight.

From books to ornaments and clothing, chances are you don’t need half the stuff that is currently taking up space in your first home. So be ruthless and un-squish those shelves and drawers to make every space look and feel better – your local charity shop will thank you too!

At Easystart Homes, we pride ourselves on giving first home buyers quality appliances. If crumbs and crud have invaded the oven in your first home, it’s time to get scrubbing! A mix of bi-carbonate soda and vinegar are a chemical free yet effective way to make your oven look brand new.

Is your couch in the same place as when you first moved in to your first home? How about your bed? Shuffle a few pieces of furniture around to instantly freshen up the feel of any room.

Marks and scuffs on the walls can make your first home feel a bit run down. Wash walls (and even the ceiling) with sugar soap to clean them up, and maybe even consider painting a bright feature wall once you’re done!

That nice print in your guest room that you never look at? Swap it with the artwork hanging in your living room or master bedroom for a fresh new perspective.

From thick skirting boards to thin scotia, dust (and dust mites) can readily accumulate on top. When vacuuming the floor, be sure to give the tops of skirting boards or scotia the once-over as well.

Shower curtains can get discoloured and mouldy, especially over winter! Spring is the perfect time to throw it in the washing machine and let it dry in the sun (always check the tag first to make sure it’s machine washable!)

One of the best things about being a first home buyer in spring is getting back out into your own back yard. So don’t forget to focus on this area when spring cleaning – tidy, mow, prune and remember to save some clippings for a vase inside!

Clean up with Easystart Homes

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