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Key Insights

  • Choosing the right glass can impact energy bills, outside noise, and the look of a home. Jason Windows offers a glass guide with pros and cons for different types of glass and regulations.
  • Double glazing with argon gas can help improve thermal properties and reduce condensation. Laminated low E-Glass can be a more cost-effective alternative.
  • Jason Windows offers a range of stylish and practical doors and windows, with lock systems built into the doors for improved security.


When building 👷‍♀️ you will be asked to choose glass doors and windows for your new home. There are so many to choose from it can get a little confusing – so, we like to listen to the experts from Jason Windows who have over 60 years of experience with doors and windows in WA.



There’s an array of different glass to choose from and it’s important to select the right glass as it can impact your energy bill, noise coming in from outside, and the look of your home. It’s important to select a glass to suit your budget and lifestyle too and we’re all about efficient products that don’t break the bank but look great! Jason Windows have a glass guide that lists the pros and cons of different types of glass they offer as well as the role of glass in your home, glass regulations and choosing the right glass based on orientation and floor plan. This handy guide can be found here.

Jason Windows use a local glass manufacturer Oceania Glass who cuts the glass in their factory, giving Jason’s the flexibility to service custom orders on time. They also have an in-house toughening machine 💪 that heats and cools the glass and turns it into the tough stuff!


Double Glazing

Double glazing is used for insulation first and foremost. It can be used to have some acoustic benefits, however, be careful with this as it is dependent on the thickness of the glass. The costs may be better spent on a single pane of thicker glass. For example, laminated low E-Glass could be a more cost-effective alternative to double glazing which may be considered, especially in the hot WA climate. With double glazing look out for what they are filled with, Jason Windows double glazing is filled with argon gas which increases density to improve thermal properties and reduce condensation (basically a big tick of approval ✅ for avoiding drastic temperature changes in your home).



With so many door options available such as sliding doors, stacking doors, French doors, sentry front doors, pivot doors, and bi-fold doors – the location of the door, size, and use will all play a part in which doors you select.  It’s important to consider the practicalities in addition to the look. For example, bi-fold doors aesthetically are beautiful however, they do come with a higher cost, and it should be considered that most fly screens cannot be installed with them. Jason Windows has a range of stylish and practical doors which can be explored in their brochure found here.



The Jason Windows window range includes double-hung, fixed, sliding, awning, and bi-fold windows. The latest gas strut feature (also known as a servery window) is a popular option for achieving outdoor-indoor living. It is important to note that when selecting the gas strut option, the outdoor area still needs to be undercover, for example under the alfresco. The full window range and options can be found here.


Security is something to take seriously when choosing your windows and doors, from locks to security screens. There is a range of security screens on the market, Jason Windows predominately have two types which are 316 Stainless Steel Mesh or Marine Grade Perforated Aluminium. Depending on your situation and lifestyle, you need to determine which is best for you. The below table can help:



Both security screens are tested and rated before leaving the warehouse, they are designed to fit Jason’s doors and windows seamlessly. The Jason Windows range has lock systems built into the door for improved security.  And they have a breeze lock system which when unlocked can be opened using one hand.


Why do we build our homes with Jason Windows?

Jason Windows has been a Western Australian leading supplier of windows, doors, security screens, and glass in homes for over 60 years. They pioneered the introduction of aluminium windows and doors in Western Australia in the early 60s and continue to be the benchmark in product design, strength, security and customer service.


Experience and Expert Service

The quality service that is offered at Jason Windows goes hand in hand with the quality products. With showrooms that have attentive staff who are helpful and informative to find the best products to suit you. Jason Windows also provides a superior aftercare service; all records and measurements are stored in their system, which means if there are any issues in the future, they have all the details to save time and money. With the largest most experienced installation and service teams in Western Australia Jason Windows is dedicated to providing exceptional service standards throughout the entire customer journey and beyond.


Quality locally-made products

Like us, Jason Windows is a local West Australian business that has built a reputation in perfecting and crafting quality windows, doors, and security screens. With high attention to detail and in-house custom testing equipment, the products that leave the warehouse endure the test of time and have been designed specifically for the WA market.

The unique testing capabilities are the first of their kind in West Australia and in accordance with Australian Standard quality assurance, Jason Windows goes one step further than the competition by testing components directly from the manufacturing line. This is to ensure every part of all Jason Windows products meets high standards, is quality, and will be built to last.