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Top Native plants that will save you time and money!

Top Native plants that will save you time and money!

Key Insights

  • Water-Wise Wonders: Native plants like Kangaroo Paw and Coastal Rosemary exemplify water-wise landscaping, thriving on minimal water and offering enduring beauty.
  • Adaptability in Style: From the Mediterranean allure of Banksia “Birthday Candles” to the coastal charm of Coastal Rosemary, Australian natives effortlessly complement diverse garden styles.
  • Effortless Charm: Low-maintenance stars like Toothbrush Grevillea and Swan River Daisy bring native flair without the gardening hassle, attracting wildlife while sipping conservatively on water.


For savvy home buyers in Perth keen on slashing water expenses, diving into the world of water-wise gardening is not just a smart move but an eco-friendly and time saving one too. Let’s explore the beauty of native plants that not only add character to your home but also thrive effortlessly in Perth’s unique climate, saving you water and time.

Australian native plants are the unsung heroes of the garden, demanding far less attention and water than their counterparts. Adapted to our Australian climate, these plants boast drought tolerance once settled and require minimal TLC.

And the creativity doesn’t end there! Whether your garden leans towards Mediterranean vibes or tropical lushness, there’s an Australian native ready to join the party.


Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos spinulosa)

Kangaroo Paw, with its vibrant tubular flowers, adds a lively burst of colour to your garden. Once settled, it transforms into a water-wise gem, requiring minimal care while delivering maximum visual impact. Drought-tolerant and adaptable, Kangaroo Paw thrives in various garden styles, attracting bees and birds with its lively hues.


Image Source:  https://www.gardenclinic.com.au/how-to-grow-article/potted-kangaroo-paw


Banksia “Birthday Candles” (Banksia spinulosa)

This striking WA native is extremely tough with a unique look, growing long narrow serrated leaves and producing the iconic bright yellow flowers from spring to autumn. The ‘Birthday candle’ variety is a compact knee-high shrub perfect for smaller garderns. This is a great plant to withstand the Australian summer as they love to be out in the full sun and prefer warmer coastal climates, perfect for WA garden landscaping.


Grevillea (Grevillea Bronze Rambler)

Among the various Grevillea varieties, the Bronze Rambler steals the spotlight. A fast-growing, dense ground cover, it’s a low-maintenance marvel that attracts native birds and bees while sipping on minimal water, making it an excellent choice for easy care landscaping plus it’s a natural weed suppressant.

Image source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cf/Grevillea_hookeriana.jpg


Coastal Rosemary (Westringia fruticosa)

An evergreen native shrub with small grey-green, rosemary like leaves and masses of white or blue flowers in Spring. It naturally falls into a loose mound but can be pruned into a nice compact ball. Ideal for coastal homes, it thrives in sea breezes and requires minimal watering.

Image source: https://indigigrow.com.au/product/coastal-rosemary-westringia-fruticosa/


Swan River Daisy (Brachyscome iberidifolia)

Swan River Daisy creates a vibrant carpet of flowers, requiring minimal water. It is easy spreading and has a great ability to self-seed makes it a low-maintenance choice for filling garden spaces, making it the lazy gardeners dream come true.

Image source: https://mygardenlife.com/plant-library/brachycome-swan-river-daisy-brachyscome


Bottlebrush (Callistemon Kings Park Special)

A true Australian classic, the Bottlebrush, especially the Kings Park Special, is a showstopper, known for being eye catching, low maintenance and fast growing with distinctive flowers without being a water guzzler. The vivid red flowers on the bottlebrush plant bloom in the spring and summer months.


Image Source: https://austraflora.com/project/callistemon-kings-park/


Lilly Pilly (Syzygium Australae Pinnacle)

Lilly Pilly is a great Australian native you will often see in Perth gardens, most usually as hedging. Most varieties produce pink berries that are edible as well as fluffy white flowers that attract native birds and bees. One of our favourites ‘Pinnacle’ is very narrow, tall and compact in form, making it ideal for hedging and screening in narrow garden beds. They thrive in full sun to part shade areas with the soil around them lightly moist.


Tips for Your Water-Wise Wonderland:
  • Mulching: Sprinkle mulch for moisture retention and weed suppression.
  • Deep Watering: Establish a watering routine, focusing on deep watering for root development.
  • Native Fertilizers: Treat your garden to native-friendly fertilizers for a nutrient boost without the water excess.
  • Pruning: A little trim here and there keeps your garden in shape and fosters healthy growth.

Our water-wise garden guide isn’t just a nod to savings; it’s an invitation to create a green haven that resonates with the beat of Western Australia’s unique landscape.