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Top 3 Tips for First Home Buyers

Posted 3 February 2020

If you haven’t built a home before, understanding where to begin, what you can afford and how to choose the right builder can be difficult.

Easystart Homes is all about making things easy, so we’re here to lend a helping hand with our Top 3 Tips to help you through the first home owner journey so you can be saying #housegoals in no time.


Tip Number 1: Get a savings plan

When it comes to saving for your first home, every little bit counts. So do whatever it takes to get your finances headed in the right direction - try bringing your lunch to work more often, cutting back on your daily takeaway coffee, or enjoying a BBQ at the beach rather than forking out restaurant prices.

If you need a more solid plan, there are plenty of resources out there to help you. ASIC’s moneysmart website has plenty of resources to help you take charge of your money. And if you have tried budgeting before, or spread sheets aren’t your thing, then there are other savings tools out there that have helped lots of people get on top of their finances and into their own home. One of the more popular programs in recent years is the Barefoot Investor which is all about helping people take control of their money.

Of course, it makes sense to have some savings in your bank prior to building a home, but if you don’t have any savings or don’t to wait that long to get into your own place, that’s ok - we can still help you into a home of your own. Right now, we’re offering a Zero Savings Home Loan to help first home buyers get into their own home.

You can learn more about our $0 Savings Home Loans here.


Tip Number 2: Seek Out a First Home Buyer Specialist

Look for a builder that offers an all-inclusive service and be open about your budget, so they can match the design you love with a block in a suburb you can afford.

At Easystart Homes we love helping first homebuyers into new homes with our ultra-convenient and cost effective house and land packages. It’s everything a first homebuyer could want wrapped up in one brilliant bundle, including land, home design and tons of inclusions.

As specialists in house and land packages and turnkey homes, we can tailor our designs to cater to your needs and location.

View our House & land packages.


Tip Number 3: Choose an Experienced and Reputable Building Partner

Choose a builder that has been around for a long time – you’re looking for a builder you can trust, one that offers security and has a good reputation in customer service and quality construction.

Some questions to ask are; how long have they been in business? Have they won awards? Plus ask friends and family for their recommendation – people loooove sharing their experiences.

It also helps to spend an afternoon driving to new estates will let you see first hand the quality that is being delivered by different builders and that way you see who has tidy sites and has pride in their work. The top service you get at a sales level should continue right through the duration of your build and beyond.


So there you have it. Three quick tips that will get you well on your way to building your first home. If you would like to find out more or chat with a design consultant, you can enquire with our team today.