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Key Insights

  • Planting edible herbs and trees can enhance your garden’s appeal while cutting down grocery costs.
  • Simple DIY solutions, like composting and borrowing tools, make gardening more affordable.
  • Opting for native Aussie flora can reduce water bills as these plants are naturally resilient to our harsh environment.

No first home would be complete without a patch of green to call your own.

And with the trend of seamless indoor/outdoor living looking like it’s here to stay, most of us are putting more and more energy into creating incredible outdoor spaces in our first homes.

Except, there’s just one problem! As a first home buyer you aren’t exactly rolling in cash to splash out on built-in kitchens, full height timber cladding and electric weather blinds.

But here’s the good news – it’s actually quite easy to make your own outdoor oasis without dropping a lot of coin.

To help get first home owners started, here are 4 tips for an affordable garden that’s easy to maintain as well:

Tip #1: Grow what you eat!

Edible plants not only look great, they can take money off your household grocery budget as well! A herb garden can be really affordable to set up in your first home – think outside the box and grow your herbs in old eclectic tea cups or mason jars.

Mini lemon and lime trees are also relatively easy to maintain, look fantastic and are great for adding some zest to a cold drink or baked treat.

Tip #2: DIY nutrients and weed control

Fertilisers and weed control can cost a lot from your local garden store, so be a savvy first home buyer and DIY! Set up a little compost bin in your first home’s kitchen to collect food scraps, all of which can be returned to the garden for a nutrient boost.

Got some white vinegar in the pantry? Spray it onto weeds for a low cost and environmentally friendly weed control solution!

Tip #3: Borrow like there’s no tomorrow!

You may only prune your plants once or twice a year, so why not borrow cutting tools from family or friends? The same goes for any patches of lawn – perhaps team up with some first home owner friends and own one lawnmower between you (or alternatively, opt for fake turf!)

Plus, a lot of plants can be grown from clippings / cuttings, such as a frangipani tree. And if you ask nicely, you might be surprised how willing people are to give you a cutting from their garden.

Thinking about using pavers or stones as a ground cover? Check out gumtree – you might find that people are giving away these items for free, as long as you are willing to pick them up and recycle them in your first home!

Tip #4: Go with the native flow

A lot of garden cost and maintenance comes from plants that are not suited to our Aussie conditions. So opt for some beautiful West Australian native plants in your first home and you’ll save money, energy and water! (Bonus tip: Grow natives from their seedlings in old egg crates – it’s cheaper than buying already established plants!)