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The top building design trends for in 2022

Posted 8 March 2022

We asked our Design Manager, Peter Wilkinson, to give us his top building design trends for this year.

1. Home offices are here to stay
Having a suitable working space became a necessity through the pandemic in 2020 and is clearly here to stay. That, and the rise of small businesses operating out of people’s homes, are key factors in offices becoming a staple part of 2022 home design. 

The benefit of a separate space is to help set boundaries between home and work. It does not need to be big - functionality is key in making the area somewhere you can be productive. Even using the spare room as a combined guest room and study with clever furniture choices to allow multifunctionality, is a great option.

Hudson office

2. Feature walls
According to Mr Wilkinson, feature walls are back, but with some key refinements. Gone are the sponge painted accent walls of the late 1990s. We are seeing people experiment with different wallpapers and textures to add depth and dimension to a room. This could be feature panelling, or feature brick (we do love a feature brick!).

3. The need for multi-functional spaces
Spending more time than ever during the pandemic in our homes, has highlighted the need for flexibility in the different areas of your home. Your home should be able to accommodate almost everything from work, to exercising, rest and recreation - as well as changes in lifestyle. This is where multi-functional spaces come in.

Multi-functional spaces are set up for several purposes in the present, or can be easily adapted when your needs change in the future. For example, what was once a theatre could transform into a playroom to suit a young, growing family; or a study becoming a shared chill out zone and homework space for teenagers.

4. Emphasis on the flow of natural light
The look and benefits of natural light will never go out of style.

The desire for natural light in the home is nothing new, however, more than ever, West Aussies are wanting to increase the natural light to open living areas as they spend more time in their homes. Large windows, recessed ceilings and even skylights provide a nice air and light flow inside a home.

5. Focus on more sustainable build methods
A focus on energy efficiency, and sustainable material selection is set to become key considerations for builders into the future.

The Summit Homes Group offers an emerging build method that BrickHybrid construction (or brick veneer) that answers this need. Our BrickHybrid building method — brick on the outside and steel frame and insulation inside — means our homes have a better thermal rating, making them cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing usage of air-conditioners and heating.