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Tegan shares her experience of transitioning from renting to building her very own home. Initially thinking they were financially unable to build, Tegan and her partner received guidance from Easystart and Summit Homes and discovered that building their own home was achievable. Their family are now thriving in a beautiful home of their own. 😍🏡



Before you built, what was your living situation?

Before we built we had been in rental after rental, it was just by chance our real estate agency at the time (Summit Realty) approached us and asked if building was something that we had thought about, we didn’t think we were financially in the position to, but with the help of the team at Summit they crunched the numbers for us and informed us that we in fact could afford our own home and the ball started rolling from there.

How did you decide that building over buying established was the right option for you?

As we didn’t have a savings account at the time, building had better incentives to get you into the market, so it was a decision that was made for us.

Was there anything specific you were looking for in a builder?

We wanted a builder that was known for having quality tradesmen and being a reputable company.



Why did you decide to build with Easystart Homes?

Easystart Homes was an affordable option for us and our budget, but also giving us a quality home…. The most important thing we wanted to achieve, was having a finished home in line with our budget.


What was the most exciting part of your building journey?

The most exciting part of our build journey was every step for us, being something that we never thought we’d be able to achieve, made it that much more special… It was such a surreal moment when we received the keys, we both cried.



What have you enjoyed most about owning your own home?

I think we’ve most enjoyed making our house a home, furnishing it the way we want… my most favourite part of our home is our living area it has a comfortable warm, homely feel.



Please tell us about your home design and why you chose it?

We were given a choice of three designs, and we decided to go with the Dallas as it gave us the most modern feel.


Any advice or words of wisdom for those looking to build their own home in the future?

My words of advice is even if you think building your own home is out of your reach, find yourself a mortgage broker and get them to put a plan in place, so you can reach your goals. Even if it’s cutting out, take away once a week to put in savings or towards a bill so you can make it happen DO IT.


What are three words that describe your journey?

Exciting, Be patient, Emotional


Tegan’s experience is an inspiring example of how determination, research, and careful financial planning can lead to the realisation of owning a dream home.