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Real client story: Mistra’s Home Journey

Real client story: Mistra’s Home Journey

Key Insights

  • Homeownership Dreams Realised: Mistra’s desire for a place to call her own led her to Easystart Homes. With guidance from our consultant Andy, her home journey became effortless, from financing to design adjustments.
  • Client-Centric Guidance: Our commitment to simplifying the build journey shone through as Andy assisted Mistra in every step. From block reservations to budget-friendly advice, we provided comprehensive support.
  • Personalised Perfect Fit: Mistra’s corner block choice in Armadale, tailored to her needs, showcases our ability to craft homes that align with each client’s lifestyle and preferences.


Second home buyer, Mistra had been renting for a while and decided to take the leap back into home ownership as she wanted something she can call her own.  It was clear that this was something that her and her family had dreamed they could make it happen.
“We were tired of wasting our money renting and wanted something that was ours, something more permanent.”

The Start of Mistra’s Home Journey

After researching and finding Easystart online Mistra met with one of our New Home Consultants, Andy.
“The deciding factor was how Andy made it all so easy, and his efficiency.  He was so helpful and answered our questions before we even had to ask them.”

That’s just what we do.

We get that sorting finance and understanding the home journey process can be daunting, that’s why we guide clients through every step of the process.

“From holding the block while we looked for finance, liaising with the land developer, tweaking the plans to fit what we and the developer needed, liaising with a broker, helping us with working to our budget, giving advice when needed through Pre-Start selections, keeping us in the loop through all stages.”

So, what was Mistra and her family looking for:

“We wanted something that would fit us, but not something that was too big to manage for later in life.  We wanted to achieve the feeling of space, without having lots of wasted space (plus have awesome doors and the best showers)”

Mistra fell in love with a corner block in Armadale that was close to family and ticked all her boxes. Our team were able to tweak her chosen floorplan to fit everything they needed and more!

“Our home design was a little bit of a fluke.  We saw a design to fit a corner block that was in our budget.  It was small, but just right for us – the rooms were great sizes, the way the house flowed was something that would suit us and there was very little we’d need to change to make it perfect.”

Mistra’s Home Journey Complete

Mistra and her now husband have been happily living in their new home for a little while now and they are loving it!

“Every day when we come home from work, we get to be in what we’ve created together, every weekend we get to relax in what we’ve come to call our own little resort!”


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