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Real Client Story: Glenn’s Affordable Building Journey with Easystart Homes

Real Client Story: Glenn’s Affordable Building Journey with Easystart Homes

Key Insights

Glenn’s Selection Criteria

Affordability, and timely delivery highlight the importance of balancing cost-effectiveness with high-quality home build. Easystarts ability to meet these criteria showcases a commitment to providing value without compromising excellence.

Experience with Display Homes

Glenn’s choice to build with Easystart was influenced by the emotional connection he felt when visiting a display home.

Being a Home Owner

Glenn’s excitement in witnessing his house “from the slab up” reflects the transformative magic of turning a vacant lot into a house.


At Easystart Homes, we believe in turning home ownership dreams into reality, one home at a time. Today, we’re excited to share Glenn’s journey of building his own home with us. We met with Glenn to get the inside scoop on his experience, from the initial decision-making process to the moment he received the keys to his very own Easystart home.


Watch Glenn’s Home Journey


We asked Glenn if there were specific things he was looking for in a builder.

“The main specific things I was looking for was affordability, pricing, and delivering on time.”

It’s clear that for Glenn, finding a builder who could provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality was a top priority.


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Glenn’s decision to build with Easystart was based on falling in love with a display home in Baldivis.

The home design was based off a display home, and once we saw it, we knew that was the one. And then we just tweaked it to our own liking, and yeah, we loved it,”

It seems that Easystart not only met his affordability criteria but also offered a design that resonated with his vision of a perfect house.


The Most Exciting Part

For Glenn, the most exciting part of the building journey was witnessing the development of his house “from the slab up.” It’s a sentiment many home owners can relate to – that magical transformation from a piece of land to a place you’ll call home.

Before building, Glenn was renting, and he wanted the experience of building his own house.

“What I love about owning my own house, instead, of renting, is I’m paying something that’s mine, not paying someone else’s house off. And basically, it’s something you can call home,”

It’s not just about having a roof over your head; it’s about building a space that truly belongs to you.


man in front of home on a sunny day


Glenn made his house a home by adding personal touches and a unique theme. That moment of unlocking the door to your new life is unparalleled, marking the culmination of hard work and dreams. It’s the individuality and personalisation that make a house truly feel like home.

“The theme of my house is black and white. I guess you can call it an old-school black and white, but I just wanted to modernise it, and I felt great when I got the keys to my own home, that I had customised; it was a sense of accomplishment.”


man and female happily sitting on a couch in a home, low light


When asked about his favourite part of the house, Glenn didn’t hesitate. “My favourite part is definitely the theatre. I can sit back, relax, just watch movies and enjoy.” It’s a testament to creating spaces that cater to personal enjoyment and relaxation.

Glenn’s journey with Easystart is more than just constructing a house; it’s a story of transforming a vision into a home filled with personal touches, accomplishments, and the joy of ownership. Every home has a unique tale, and at Easystart Homes, we’re proud to be a part of yours.

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