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Is it better to Build or Buy Established?

Posted 23 September 2021

So you’re thinking of buying a home (OMG, woop!) but you're just not sure if it's better to buy established or new, right? Well let's take a look at buying house and land versus established to help make this momentous decision an easy one.

Buying established - The cool things 👍

  • You can move in straight away and get on with life. No waiting, just getting in and making it home!
  • You can see what you get, right up front. 
  • You can buy a character style home (if that’s your thing!).
  • It’s probably already landscaped and with established trees and greenery.

Buying established - The not-cool things 👎

  • You’re stuck with that floorplan for a long time.
  • Renovations and improvements to make the home function better can end up costing big bucks.
  • Older houses need more maintenance which means money down the drain.
  • You probably won't get the latest in home design trends or features. 
  • Older houses may not have an energy efficiency rating that meets today’s standards, meaning you end up paying more for heating and cooling your home.
  • You might find some hidden nasty surprises you missed during the purchase.

Now let’s take a look at buying a house and land package. The thought of building can be a bit daunting, that’s for sure. But, at Easystart, we make building the easy part. We guide you through each step of your home building journey from the
finance to your new front door. Let’s take a look at the good and the bad of choosing a house and land package.

Buying house and land - The cool things 👍

  • You know exactly what you’re getting - because you’ve designed it!
  • You can plan a home that offers flexibility for the long term, for all your life stages.
  • Your new home will have the latest contemporary design, features and creature comforts.
  • You get to choose the tiles, the carpet, the tapware, the cupboards - everything! You can really insert your own, unique style.
  • A new home is easier to maintain and won’t require renovations.
  • You can choose the build location. Even if you can’t find your favourite suburb in our current House and Land packages, we can create a custom package to suit your location wishes. How awesome is that?! 
  • Easystart will pay your rent while you build. (Yep, you read that right! Check it out here).
  • You can choose the construction method that suits your design, your needs and your budget (Learn about our innovative building methods).
  • And just on construction, all of our methods are at the highest industry standard in energy efficiency, meaning you save on heating and cooling costs. 
  • Did you know you pay less stamp duty when you choose a house and land package? Bonus, right?
  • House and land packages attract Government incentives like the First Homeowners Grant - plus our awesome Easystart offers! (Check our our current promos).
  • Your new home comes with warranties for a variety of aspects including structural, electrical fitout, and plumbing and flooring - just to name a few! Now that’s peace of mind.

Buying house and land - The not-cool things 👎

  • You can’t move in straight away - you’ve got to wait for construction. 
  • There are builders that don’t offer all-inclusive packages, hitting clients with additional fees for the finishing touches.
  • If you build a home where other homes are being built, you might have to deal with construction noise and dust! Things will calm down in time, but it’s something to consider when building a home of your own. 
  • When you build a house and land package, there are a lot of decisions along the way. From choosing your location, design, flooring, cabinets, countertops, painting colours etc. etc. 
  • Um, that’s it!

There you have it! We think the lists above make it pretty clear that the better option is choosing a house and land package. Sure, you’ll need a little patience while your new home is built, but we think the benefits of choosing an Easystart house and land package absolutely trumps a little waiting!

From Yanchep (North) to Ravenswood (South), and everywhere in between, we’re confident we’ve got a package you’ll love. And if not, we’ll work with you to create a custom house and land package that’s perfect for you. You can start designing a package you’ll love right here

Plus, Easystart offers a range of packages jammed full of awesome inclusions such as LED lights throughout the house, reverse cycle, stone bench tops, kitchen upgrades with high end appliances and raised ceilings. 

Tbh, you’ll wonder why you didn’t build sooner!

Check out our house and land packages right now.