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In the news: An enjoyable process from start to finish

Posted 25 November 2019

What was your favourite part about building?

We really enjoyed the process from start to finish. It was great being able to see our plans go from paper to reality, and Easystart really made this an easy process.

What prompted you to build, rather than buy established?

Building gave us the chance to tailor and customise our house from the word go.

Did you have an idea of what you wanted?

With both of us being keen cooks, having a functional, stylish kitchen was a necessity for us. We also wanted to have a well-sized backyard for our pets and any future kiddies to run around in. We found the process of choosing a house style was quite easy. Once you set your budget, room size and area of the build, the decision making becomes a breeze. We ended up choosing Easystart’s Nova design.

What is your favourite area of your new home and why?

Definitely the kitchen. From our Franke matte black sink to the bevelled subway tiles, it is everything Daniel and I imagined it would be. A gorgeous splashback window really opens up the space and illuminates the kitchen with natural light.

What advice would you give people looking to build?

Do it. We were honestly on the fence about building over buying established, but once we sat down with Easystart Homes, our concerns were put to rest. The best advice we could give is to try and have your finances in order, as this really helps the process, and sit down with your chosen building company and discuss how they can assist you.

Originally published on Monday 26th November, 2018.