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Key Insights

  • Easystart Homes offers various options to help first home buyers build on a budget
  • We provide savings assistance and building payment delay options
  • We help access government incentives and offer homes with inclusive features


Worried that your first home will break the budget?

We’ve got an easy solution!

At Easystart Homes, we’ve made it our mission to help as many first home buyers as possible. So if your budget is holding you back, check out the many ways we can help:


#1: We can help you save up

Do you feel like you’re cutting back yet your first home savings aren’t piling up? Sometimes it can help to have someone look over your situation and pinpoint a plan of attack to help those first home buyer savings stack up. Our savingsassist service is ready and waiting to do just that!


#2: Building assistance

If you’re worried about making building payments while also paying rent, we totally get it! Avoid the stress with our buildingassist option, where we help delay your building payments until you move into your new home!


#3: Going after the Government!

First home buyers are pretty lucky in WA, thanks to Government incentives such as the WA first home owners grant and Keystart home loans. We can boost your first home budget by helping you to access the WA first home buyers grant and looking into the exciting possibilities of a Keystart home loan which eliminates the need for mortgage lenders insurance.


#4: Turn the key for more inclusions

When budgeting for a first home, you need to consider all those finer details like carpeting and curtains. After all, having to pay for these items later can seriously dent the budget! Our turnkey homes can really help with your first home budgeting, as we include just about everything you need in the one affordable price.

Talk to us about our variety of turnkey features, which can include flooring, engineered stone bench tops, fencing and even landscaping!


#5: Get great value with Easystart Homes

At the end of the day, it’s value for money that matters most when becoming a first home buyer. After all, we don’t offer heaps of financial assistance, only to give you a home that’s going to cost a lot to fix and maintain.

As part of the Summit Group, we have fantastic buying power, meaning we can give you quality construction, fixtures and fittings for an incredibly affordable price. For example, we’re able to offer steel frame roofing for the same price as timber!

It all adds up to you enjoying a first home that lasts, without breaking the budget.