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How to achieve harmony in your home like an interior designer

How to achieve harmony in your home like an interior designer

Key Insights

  • Embracing Personal Style in Interior Design: reflect on your unique personality and preferences in your first home’s design.
  • Maximizing Space Creatively: Innovative solutions for space-savvy furniture, and ways to think outside the box when it comes to maximising space.
  • Make your home uniquely yours: use your interior style as a reflection of yourself. Colours, textures, and patterns have a great impact on the ambience of your space.


Building your first home is an exciting journey, and one of the most rewarding aspects is creating a space that truly reflects your personality and lifestyle. 💁‍♀️So how do you manifest your dream home vision into a reality – one where your personal style meets practicality? ✨It all starts with one of the most important designs principles; harmony.


What is harmony in interior design?

Harmony (also referred to as Unity) is one of the seven principles of design (Balance, Contrast, harmony, Emphasis, Rhythm, Scale/Proportion, and Space). It is all about creating unity between individual elements and balancing visual interest with design elements such as colour, texture, scale and proportion. When done right, you should be able to walk into a room without feeling like all the visual elements in your space are fighting for your attention.

Why is harmony important?

Your home’s style should reflect your personality, and while this is totally achievable; we feel different on a day-to-day basis. This means that as we buy furniture and decorations over time, our home’s style slowly loses its cohesiveness and can quickly look messy and cluttered. So, unless you are going for something more eclectic, it’s super important that you try to set yourself some rules or boundaries when selecting furniture, decor, and colours. This way your home will feel like everything fits together in visual unity!

How to create harmony with design styles

While it can be challenging to achieve without some guidance, the shortcut to achieving harmony is to follow one of the many interior design styles that professional interior designers follow, as these styles come with their own set of principles and guidelines that inherently promote balance and cohesiveness. The result will be a home that looks like something straight out of a magazine. 😲✨

Here are a few modern design styles as well as some tips on how you can bring them to your home.





If you find beauty in simplicity, embrace the elegance of minimalism. Let your space breathe with decluttered, zen-like vibes. Incorporate sleek lines, white space, neutral colours, and empty spaces that create a sense of calm and tranquillity. Minimalist chic is perfect for those who believe less is more and seek a clutter-free environment.

The most important rule of Minimalism

The one rule to follow in Minimalism is that every item should have a purpose or offer some form of value – be it functional or aesthetic. Avoid the temptation to fill every empty corner or wall – in fact you should consider negative space as a feature, not a flaw. 😉

How to achieve minimalism in your home.

Using the example of your entertainment area, we can achieve minimalism by removing unnecessary furniture. Instead of a traditional entertainment centre cluttered with various items, opt for a wall-mounted TV with a single, sleek floating shelf beneath it for essential audio equipment. This frees up floor space and keeps the area uncluttered, while still serving its functional purpose.




Industrial design is all about authenticity. It leans on a building’s imperfections, often looking slightly unfinished with exposed brick, support beams, weathered wood, and metal accents. It’s a rugged yet chic style for those who love a space with a story and character.

The key to industrial design

The hardest part of industrial design is finding the aesthetic balance. It should look raw and unfinished but remain warm and welcoming. You can achieve this by balancing hard materials like iron with soft textures like leather and using warm exposed lighting to make a statement (think old factory floors with pendant lights and Edison bulbs).

How to achieve industrial perfection in your home

To create an industrial styled space that’s warm and inviting, consider pairing a steel-framed coffee table with a softer, tufted leather/leather look sofa. The steel frame provides that raw, unfinished look typical of the Industrial style, while the leather adds a layer of warmth and comfort to the room.



If you love the allure of nature’s touch, channel your inner rustic spirit. With wooden accents, earthy hues, and cozy textures, create a warm and inviting haven. Rustic charm leans on the beauty of our natural surroundings, offering a sense of comfort and nostalgia that stands the test of time. 🌳Focus on using natural materials, adding more indoor plants, letting in lots of natural light, and using deep and natural colours like greens, browns, and greys.

The key to rustic design

The trick to mastering rustic design is creating a space that feels both rugged and cosy but not dirty. While it’s tempting to go all-in with rough-hewn wood and animal hides, balance is key. Use softer elements like throws and warm lighting to soften the hard edges of your raw materials. The right balance brings the outdoors in, without making your living room feel like an actual log cabin.

How to achieve the perfect rustic look in your home

Consider using a weathered wood coffee table as your centrepiece and balance it out with a softer, neutral-toned area rug. This way, you retain the raw, earthy elements central to the style, while the rug adds a touch of comfort and warmth, making the space feel inviting rather than plain.


Immerse yourself in the cosy warmth of Scandinavian design. Made famous by Ikea, Scandi design is all about basking in the soft glow of muted tones, light wooden finishes, and functional furniture. This Nordic-inspired style is for those who cherish comfort, simplicity, and a touch of nature in their homes.

The key to Scandinavian design

The challenge with Scandinavian design is maintaining its inviting warmth without cluttering the minimalist aesthetic and making it look dated. The focus should be on functional, well-designed furniture and accessories, but with a softer touch—think textiles and cosy layering. Incorporate muted tones and organic shapes but offset them with soft lighting and plenty of hygge-inspired accents like candles or sheepskin rugs. The result is a space that’s both modern and inviting.

How to bring Scandinavian style to your home

To strike a balance between minimalism and warmth in a Scandinavian setting, opt for a sleek, functional sofa in a muted tone, like soft grey. Enhance the cosy factor by draping a faux fur throw over one arm and adding a couple of cushions in muted Nordic patterns. This provides both functional seating and a cosy atmosphere, without disrupting the clean lines and simplicity that are the hallmark of Scandinavian design.



Often referred to as timeless, contemporary design is for those with an eye for sleek lines and a touch of modern sophistication. Contemporary style reflects today’s trends; it’s a fluid mix of the old and new, traditional and modern. Perfect for those who love to keep their spaces fresh, current, and always in vogue. Embrace the beauty of modern interior design styles with bold accents, geometric patterns, and cutting-edge finishes. The contemporary design celebrates simplicity and functionality while infusing spaces with a touch of luxury and innovation.

The key to contemporary design

Contemporary design is all about balancing contrasts. You’re merging the old and new, the traditional and modern, so it’s important to maintain a cohesive look and feel. This means using a neutral base to anchor the space but adding pops of colour and a mix of materials to keep things interesting. The goal is to create a space that feels fresh and current but still timeless. Integrating technology smoothly into the decor can provide the perfect finishing touch, making the space as functional as it is fashionable.

How to make sure your home is contemporary.

For a space that is both current and timeless, start with a neutral base like a white or grey sectional sofa. Add a pop of colour by including a single statement armchair in a bold hue like electric blue or emerald green to draw attention. This serves as a focal point and injects a modern flair, while the neutral base keeps the look grounded, allowing for easy updates in the future.


Need a little more inspo?

If you want to see harmony in action you can visit any of our display homes to check out what a professional interior designer can do. Or if you want to get a little more hands on, our Style studio is a great place to explore different trends and design styles and if you are planning on building a home, it has been carefully designed to make the process of selecting trims and finishes easier. You are welcome to walk-in and visit the Style Studio from Monday to Saturday. No appointment needed! 👏

Together, we’ll turn your vision into reality, creating a home that’s unequivocally, unapologetically YOU! Your own home is within reach, and with the right blend of style, functionality, and personal touches, it’ll become a space that perfectly reflects you.



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