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Build for less than what you pay in rent in these Perth suburbs

Build for less than what you pay in rent in these Perth suburbs

Key Insights

  • Low interest rates and rising rent prices make it more affordable to buy than rent in over 100 Perth suburbs.
  • Renters now have the opportunity to own their own home, especially in the traditional first home buyer price range..
  • Building a home allows for customisation and choice, and can provide stability and predictability compared to renting..


It’s no secret that the Perth property market is… well… hot property! At the start of 2021, REIWA experts estimated house prices would rise 15% – halfway through the year and the proof is in the numbers. The rental vacancy rate is at a very low 1%, meaning there are fewer properties available, driving up the rent prices. However, while house and rent prices continue to climb, a new opportunity is emerging for first home buyers.

Spurred on by low interest rates, REIWA statistics show that it’s currently cheaper to buy than rent in over one hundred Perth suburbs. REIWA president Damian Collins said he’s “never seen the rent-versus-buy equation so heavily in favour of buying”.

“It’s more affordable to pay the costs associated with servicing a home loan than pay the weekly rent in 112 Perth suburbs, which should give tenants encouragement that home ownership is within reach,” Mr Collins said.

This surprising news presents renters with an opportunity that may have previously been out of reach: the option of owning their own home.

“The bulk of the suburbs on this list fall within the traditional first home buyer price range,” added Mr Collins.

We have seen many first and second home buyers take advantage of the market and choose to build their very own home. With our affordable and well located house and land packages, and repayments starting from just $259 per week* – why wouldn’t you?!

Check out the median rental price across key areas of Perth 🔍

Alkimos $415 Forrestdale $388
Baldivis $440 Hammond Park $445
Banksia Grove $400 Henley Brook $450
Bennett Springs $500 Hilbert $430
Brabham $420 Midvale $335
Byford $423 Treeby $515
Ellenbrook $410 Yanchep $393


* Data correct at 19/08/21 as per REIWA’s suburb profiles

Benefits of owning your own home

Aside from the affordability vs renting we mentioned above, there are more great benefits to being a homeowner.

  1. It’s an investment
    Instead of paying off someone else’s mortgage, you’re investing in your own future. Current low interest rates also mean you have the opportunity to pay down your mortgage faster, increasing the amount of equity you have. Equity is the amount of your home that you own (i.e. the difference between the current market value of your home and your remaining loan balance). You could make a healthy profit if you choose to sell, or you can tap into your equity to invest in other assets such as an investment property, car, or other personal goals you may have.
  2. If you build, you can create the home that’s perfect for you
    Building a home gives you so much choice! From location to floor plans, to colour schemes and style, you can truly build the home of your dreams. (In fact, Easystart offers a fantastic range of House & Land Packages where mortgage repayments are cheaper than renting – but more on this soon!)
  3. It’s stable
    Instead of being at the mercy of your landlord’s decision to renew or end your lease, you will always have a home that’s yours, as well as more predictable expenses and loan repayments to keep your budget on track. Your own home also offers you a private sanctuary with no property managers or annoying housemates to contend with.

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