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Real-life Easystart client Anna ditched the landlord for home ownership all on a single income! Now settled in her very first home with gorgeous pup Ari by her side, Anna reflects on her epic achievement.

“I’m so proud of what I’ve created. Having this space has been a dream for a very, very long time and I’m just so excited and so happy to be here.”

Anna had been on the rental wheel since she was 16 years old. Quickly realising this was not the life she wanted for herself, she began saving a deposit to build her own home. Other than losing the landlord, one of the biggest motivators for Anna was having a home with heaps of space for entertaining. 

“One of the biggest things in my life is wanting to entertain so I really wanted to have a big spacious kitchen with lots of storage space and a big pantry and then obviously a backyard for my friends and family but also my dog.”

When Anna began researching first home builders in Perth she knew immediately that Easystart was going to be the perfect building partner for her.

“One of the biggest things for me when I was choosing a builder for my build was making sure that I had the space that I wanted but also the customer service. Paul at Easystart Homes seemed to be the most understanding of what I wanted in a home but also very casual. He made the process so easy and I just really felt like this was the way to go.”

Anna had dreamed for years of what her own home would look like, so when it came time for the pre-start meeting, she knew exactly what she wanted and had an incredibly enjoyable experience.

“One of the most exciting parts was having my pre-start meeting and going through all of the selections with the consultant. It was such an amazing and easy process.”

With Easystart’s transparent and straightforward building process, the construction of Anna’s new home moved smoothly. When the walls went up, things started to feel real. Anna explains this life-defining moment:

“The most exciting part of the build was actually plate height where I got to see the rooms and I got to see this house come to life. I sat on the back porch of my backyard and I actually took a good 10-15 minutes trying to soak it in because it was the moment where I realised this is my own home.”

Anna and Ari have been happily living in their new home for over three months now, enjoying their newfound sense of security and peace – and living their best life!

“The thing that I most enjoy about this home is coming back from work after a really stressful day cooking myself a nice dinner in my big kitchen and going out the back, with a glass of wine and just enjoying this space with me and my pup. The whole process with Easystart was just amazing.”

Building a home on a single income sounds impossible, right? Think again! Anna budgeted like a boss and spent time-saving a deposit. This deposit was key in bringing her new home plans to life. We’ve put together some awesome saving hacks to get you started on saving for your first home

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