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Key Insights

  • The keys to successfully choosing the right builder are quality reputation, customer feedback, open communication, and meeting one-on-one.
  •  Buyers must also research prospective builders to evaluate their experience and ability to finish projects on time.
  • Home builders who offer extra support services such as design centers, financial departments, and relationships with Land Developers are definitely an advantage.


Choosing the right first home builder is important to ensure a smooth, stress free and happy building journey.

With so many home builders out there, choosing the right builder in Perth can be difficult.

To make the search easier, the Easystart Homes expert team have narrowed down some of the key things you should be on the lookout for:


1 – Look For A Quality, Renowned Home Builder

When researching builders in Perth, make sure you look for one who has a trusted name and reputation.

Your home will be your biggest asset so it pays to spend the time researching builders who have a longstanding track record of building quality homes that stand the test of time.

How long building companies have been around is another factor to look at, as it is important to know that your builder is in it for the long haul and here to stay long after your build is complete. Builders who have won national industry awards, particularly awards for customer service and design excellence are a good place to start.


2 – Make A List

Identify what is most important to you when it comes to building a home.

Is it the ability to customise the house plans? How easy and expensive is it to do so?

What is the building time frame? Will they guarantee the build time?

Cost transparency? Ask for full breakdown of pricing so you see an upfront and transparent list of where your money is going.


3 – Meet Face-To-Face With Your Home Builder

You will deal with your builder frequently throughout your new home build, so it’s important that you meet with your builder face to face and get to know your possible future builder.

The meeting is a chance for your builder to get to know you and your lifestyle, how you live and work.

The meeting should give you an idea of repayments and timelines, as well as some of the more exciting things such as house designs and land packages.


4 – Communication

One of the biggest pieces of feedback from those who build their first home is the importance of regular, easy communication with their building team.

Ask your builder how often you will be kept informed of how your build is progressing?

Will you be notified at key milestones, such as the laying of the slab to the installation of the roof?

Does the builder have an online communication portal with pictures of your house throughout its different stages or a regular email service to help keep you in the loop with your construction progress?


5 – Do Your Research

Word of mouth is important and it is always helpful to hear about other people’s build experience.

Speak to friends and family about their encounters and research your short list of builders on social media and product review sites. Some product review sites (such as productreview.com.au) only accept reviews from people who have successfully completed a new home with the builder, these reviews may be more detailed and accurate compared with other review sites.

Visit builder display homes so you can see the finished product of your preferred builder.

Some builders take potential clients to homes under construction for an up-close, real life look at how they build their homes and what you will be getting if you choose them, ask your builder if they would be happy to take you out to site with them.


6 – Important Extra Services

Many of us these days are time poor and don’t have the time to run around and research every aspect of building a new home.

Builders who offer a ‘one stop shop’ who take care of all the hard work can save you considerable time and stress.

  • Finance
    • Some builders have specialised finance departments & businesses that can help you apply for & navigate home loans.
    • Easystart Homes has a close working relationship with Westgate Financial Services. As Westgate work with Easystart regularly, they know all of the options available to First Home Buyers and can help you get into a home of your own with minimal fuss.
  • Settlement Agent
    • Settlement is the legal process that transfers ownership of a house/property from one owner to another.
    • Generally people will hire a Settlement Agent to act on their behalf at settlement and to ensure that things go smoothly.
    • As part of the Summit Homes Group, Easystart clients often choose Combined Property Settlements to act as their settlement agents.
  • Design Specialists
    • Easystart Homes has a Style Studio that you can walk through to help you decide on the finishes and colours of your home, some builders aren’t able to provide this experience.
  • Strong relationships with Land Developers
    • Builders have relationships with Land Developers and may be able to put forward offers or land that isn’t available to the general market.


To summarise, the right builder should;
  1. Make you feel comfortable in the room
  1. Have a good track record of quality built homes that stand the test of time
  2. Have many positive client reviews, preferably from a verified third party review source
  3. Strong build guarantees and warranties

If you can put a tick next to all of these, the chances of having a pleasant building experience are much higher.

For more help with choosing the right first home builder, speak to Easystart Homes today.